manure fertilizer odors

When considering organic farming, it’s important to take into account the fact that your farm or garden might produce not only healthy plants and vegetables, but also a “healthy” dose of aerial emissions that arise from the use of chicken manure fertilizer and other organic fertilizers. Basically, fertilizer smells like horse or chicken manure when used on the farm, and depending on the amount of fertilizer you use, the odor can sometimes become difficult to bear.


So, how do you deal with these odors when you’re not allowed to use synthetic compounds such as soap – which might damage your crops or soil? The answer is to look into the types of emissions that have to be resolved and find organic and harmless compounds in order to counteract them.


One good option is to use a type of non-synthetic absorbant material such as attaplugite or zeolite. These materials are very efficient in reducing NH3 amounts that are released into the air – which are normally among the main culprits responsible for the bad smell. Another culprit is ammonia, which can be countered by certain types of pure essential oils like hyssop and peppermint, as well as iron-rich sediments and wood chips meant to be used as a carbon cover.


Finally, a good compromise is the use of neosynthetic materials. These materials might be almost as effective at getting rid of bad odors as synthetic products, but they are also much safer.