Rich Lawn Soil Conditioner

Soil aeration is one of the main lawn maintenance operations. The process is based on the creation of small holes in the ground so that air and water penetrate the soil to the roots of the grass. This operation can be performed manually, especially on smaller lawns, or with the help of automatic tools that are very helpful on large terrains.

What happens to the lawn if this operation is not done on time? On any type of soil, rain, irrigation and traffic progressively determines a certain level of subsidence. The soil becomes dense, compact, and it is increasingly difficult for the roots to find the air they need and for the water to penetrate the soil and bring the necessary nutrients to the roots. Lack of soil aeration often leads to the death of the plants.

It is easy to figure out when your lawn needs to be mowed, watered or fertilized, but it is more difficult to notice when soil aeration is absolutely necessary. The simplest method is to observe the condition of the lawn after rain or after irrigation. If aeration is required, this will be indicated by the fact that the water stays on the surface of the lawn and is not quickly or completely absorbed. Additionally, insert a spade at a depth of up to 30 cm. If it easily enters halfway, the soil is not compacted. But if the spade cannot penetrate the ground, you can be sure that your lawn needs aeration.

It is recommended that the aeration be performed twice a year, preferably in the spring and autumn, being immediately followed by scarification.  Look to The Richlawn Company for great fertilizers and lawn products to help grow a green beautiful lawn.