How Organic Fertilizer Can Produce An Abundant Crop

The vegetables in your garden are grown for being used in your meals, therefore keeping the amount of chemicals that get absorbed in the soil of your vegetable garden as low as possible is essential for the health of your entire household. One of the best ways reduce the quantity of the chemicals that you ingest with your homegrown vegetables is to use organic fertilizers, but the benefits of compost do not stop there – here are some more of the merits of organic fertilizer:

  • You cannot use too much – one of the problems posed by synthetic fertilizers is that too much fertilizer can burn and kill your plants. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, decompose slowly, therefore your plants can extract exactly the amount of nutrients that they need, with any surplus being naturally decomposed;
  • The right composition of nutrients – most plants need nitrogen, potassium salts, calcium and other trace minerals for being able to develop properly. While synthetic fertilizers come in a very wide array, making it difficult for amateur gardeners to pick the right product, organic fertilizers, especially the compost that you make using the waste generated by your household, work with all your plants, whatever nutrients they like best.