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Although some might think because they use organic fertilizer, they can apply it to their lawn whenever they want; however, they are wrong. Even with an organic solution, fertilizing your lawn has to be done the right way to get the best result. For instance, you should always use a slow-release fertilizer to increase nutrients in the soil gradually. Also, you should first fertilize your lawn early in the season. This way, the grass that has just begun growing gets a boost, and its roots are made more robust. 

The second time you should fertilize your lawn is after no more than two months. This way, the nutrients from the first batch will have time to be assimilated into the soil. You will need to reapply the fertilizer another two times, preferably before the hottest period of summer. But that isn’t necessarily a rule. For instance, if you are growing new grass, you will need to fertilize more often. It all depends on what you are using like and what results you are going for in the long run.