EKO Raised Bed Garden MixAs a general rule, you should treat your vegetable garden to a layer of one inch of water per week, but there are many factors that might require you to adjust the quantity of water as well as the frequency of the watering sessions. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • The water needs of your crops – some vegetables need more water than others. If you have beds of eggplants, peppers or tomatoes, you might need to water two times per week and to add an extra inch of water adding garden compost can help retain the water;
  • The weather – the actual weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. If the day of the week on which you usually water your veggies garden has started with a shower or if you are going to a rainy period, there is no need to waste water – when Mother Nature waters your garden for you, enjoy the gift and let your plants enjoy it, too;
  • The quality of your soil – soil that contains very little matter that can hold water, you might have to increase the amount of water you add. When the gardening season is over, you can treat your soil with manure or compost to improve its quality and to make it hold water better next year.