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Growing stuff in Colorado can be pretty hard because of the climate, the dryness, the differences between summer and winter temperatures, but perhaps most especially because of the quality of the soil. The idea is that Colorado soil is pretty hard to work with, especially because it evolved to be more clay-like as a result of the oftentimes extreme, dry weather.


Because the weather is dry and there’s not much rainfall in Colorado, it’s no surprise that the soil contains so much clay. The beautiful landscapes of Colorado unfortunately don’t contain as much vegetation as there is in the East, and one of the reasons for that is the clay-like soil, which has to be treated extensively before it’s ready to harbor plants and flowers.


Working with Colorado soil typically involves enriching the soil with a natural fertilizer in order to encourage the growth of various plants and watering it more frequently to counter the effects of dry weather. Because of its clay-like attributes, the soil also doesn’t have too many nutrients to offer, so you might have to fertilize it more extensively than you’re used to. Despite the extra work, however, you might find the results to be more than satisfactory, as you begin to grow your first grass and plants in Colorado.