Did You Know ask plant lawn doctor

Depending on the type of fertilizer you’re using and the types of plants or trees you are growing, you can decide on the right time to fertilize, with a little insight. In most cases, gardening experts will tell you not to stress out too much over when you should fertilize your lawn or garden, since fertilization is not required to keep your plants alive. Instead, fertilizing your plants is needed to help them grow as efficiently as possible.


When you buy fertilizer from the store, the label on the bag will tell you about the composition of the fertilizer, as well as the amount you should use and when to use it.


Additionally, you can decide on when to fertilize different plants based on what time of the year they start to grow. For flowerbeds, you should consider fertilizing them before they are even planted. For plants, herbs and trees that have already been planted, be sure to fertilize them in the spring, when they begin their new growing cycle. For most trees, that’s sometime between early February and late March, and for most plants it’s around the month of March or April.


Avoid fertilizing right before the growing cycle ends, since that’s the worst time. The plant will not pick up the nutrients released by the fertilizer during that time, and aside from wasting them, you can also risk that the added nitrogen will harm your soil.  Find all you need to know at https://therichlawncompany.com/ask-the-plant-doc/.