EKO Compost Trees Shrubs Fertilizer

Younger trees can be extremely sensitive to temperature differences, and depending on the species of trees you have planted, it can be important to take a few measures so you can protect your trees once the freeze sets in. Failure to do so can leave your young trees vulnerable to bad weather and strong winds, and the temperature changes as well as the harsh winter winds can damage your tree quite severely.


As many gardeners will tell you, the tree trunk is especially vulnerable in the case of younger trees. Since it has yet to develop a thick, protective bark, you have to replace it with a plastic tree guard or some other opaque tree wrap that can perform the job of protecting your tree in place of the bark.  It’s always good to provide your tree with slow release fertilizer to give it a great start.


A frost shield can also be effective especially for fruit trees. In order to protect them from the frost and prevent moisture loss, spray your newly planted fruit tree canopies with a layer of frost shield before temperatures go down too much.


Some trees can be quite resilient, and you won’t need to take too many measures to protect them except during the first year after having planted them. However, it’s best to do some research on the specific species of tree you’re planting, to make sure you’re taking the right steps towards offering your trees an ideal level of protection.