little feet healthy yard organic fertilizer when to apply

Keeping a healthy yard is an essential part of maintaining your property in a good state, so that you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful life. And keeping your yard healthy generally involves keeping your flowers, plants and lawn in good conditions. This is to your own benefit, and also something to be proud of when guests arrive at your house.

In order to keep your lawn healthy, you need to adjust the cutting level to the exact time of the year. At the same time, using a sharp mower blade is another major detail for ensuring the good health of your lawn.  Knowing when to fertilize lawn in Colorado is also very helpful, as the season can change quickly.

Good soakings are much more recommended than lighter sprinklings. The fact is light sprinklings only moisten the soil’s surface, whereas deeper watering of your lawn encourages the healthy and strong development of roots, which is the key to a lush and healthy lawn and a nice looking yard.

The very best time of watering your lawn is early in the morning. At this moment of the day, water pressure is high and your lawn has enough time to dry before the night comes. That is because, during the night, excessive moisture can develop fungi and mold.