Richlawn Winterizer Fertilizer Break Up Clay Dirt

It often happens that the fertilizer you use is too much for your garden and lawn, and you have some extra left off. Rather than giving it away, it’s usually a good idea to just store it for next year; after all, fertilizer doesn’t easily “go bad,” and provided that you store it in a safe place, it will be just as good once the spring comes.


The main thing to consider is that you need a dry storage place for your grass fertilizer. As a result, it’s best to store it in an area that isn’t easily subjected to rain and snow, and where you can keep it away from any flooding. Keeping it on a large table or shelf in the garage or barn can work, but avoid placing it in the basement where it can be affected by flooding, or in the attic, where condensation can lead to moisture exposure.


Another important prerequisite is a relatively cool, but not too cold temperature. If you place it in your garage, where the area is somewhat heated and protected from the frost, that’s a pretty good setting. However, if you want to store it in a barn or a shed, then you should be mindful of the cold, as extreme cold weather can cause quite a negative effect.