plants protected colder weather coming

Protecting plants during cold weather can be a real challenge, especially when the freeze sets in suddenly, and there’s very little that you can do to prevent the damage of some of your more fragile herbs. However, when the cold arrives more slowly, it will not only give plants more time to enter a hibernation cycle that can offer them better protection from the cold, but it also gives you a window of opportunity to apply a few of the following measures:


  • First, read up on the different types of plants you own and how they’re able to cope with cold weather. Some plants become affected and die more easily when temperatures just get a little colder, while others are far more resilient. For the most fragile of your herbs or plants, you can consider simply growing them as potted plants from the start and moving them indoors when the weather gets too cold.
  • Another measure that works well to protect your plants is to provide them with cover. Covering your plants adequately and preventing too much outside cold air from entering the cover will ensure that they are kept warm due to the fact that the soil is naturally warmer.
  • You can also create insulation barriers around individual plants to protect them more effectively. For instance, drive some stakes into the ground around the plant and drive some insulation around them to create a small fence. Then you can add hay and leaves to insulate the plant even better from the cold.  Look to professional plant and lawn care companies like The Richlawn Company to determine best practices for keeping your lawn green and plants safe.