Slow Release FertilizerWhen considering the differences between homemade and professionally designed organic fertilizer, issues such as consistency and efficiency will never fail to come up. Even though homemade organic fertilizer can be a great low-cost option, gardeners will tell you that it’s really no match for the best, professionally created fertilizer products.


The best professionally made organic lawn fertilizer is  made from 100% natural materials, such as animal manure, compost, or plant matter, and do not contain synthetic chemicals. This makes them a more environmentally-friendly option compared to chemical fertilizers. Unlike homemade organic fertilizer, professionally designed products have the same consistency, even if they are made from a variety of different organic materials. That makes them easier to apply and manage, even if the soil is difficult to work with.


Professionally made organic fertilizers add nutrients to the soil, but they also help to improve soil structure by adding organic matter in a more uniform way. This can help to improve soil fertility, drainage, and water-holding capacity.


Unlike chemical fertilizers, which can quickly release their nutrients, slow-release organic fertilizers release nutrients at a slower rate and more safely, over time. This can help to improve soil fertility in the long term, rather than just providing a quick boost of nutrients. Homemade fertilizers might be less equipped to deliver the same amount of nutrients at the same rate and over a longer period of time. Some nutrients could make it into the soil much too quickly, while others could be slower.