lawn pests information

When you’re gardening, you’re going to stumble upon lots of bugs and other insects and pests around your lawn and garden. Some of these are not beneficial, and might even bring disease or damage your lawn considerably. So let’s take a look at some of the best methods you can use to get rid of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible:


  • Keep track of your lawn and mow it frequently. Also, make sure you set your lawnmower to the right height depending on the season. Leaving your lawn too tall at the wrong time can lead to a lot of issues having to do with pests finding refuge from sunlight and rain in your garden and close to grass blades.
  • Plant grasses and plants that tend to repel unwanted insects and pests. This is the most humane and environmentally friendly option for getting rid of pests, aside from the option of planting grasses that actually attract the natural predators of the pests you want to remove. Such approaches use the ecosystem “against” itself in a harmless way, and because of that it’s not only highly effective, but extremely “green” as well. You won’t need messy and toxic pesticide, and you’ll be giving nature a hand in the process as well.
  • Talk to a professional gardener about the best organic compounds and homemade recipes for green pesticides. Generally, you’ll be looking at formulas that can be sprayed on your plants and won’t damage either the plant or the insects; but will instead repel the insects so they won’t go there anymore.  Be sure to apply some of the best lawn products available at