Expert Advice on Chicken Manure Fertilizer Products


Both the lawn and the other plants, trees or even weeds present in the garden try to extract as many nutrients as possible from the soil. There is a really intense competition between them! The soil contains a smaller amount (in the case of light, sandy soils) or higher amount (in the case of heavy, clay soils) of nutrients, but over time these will be consumed by plants. Even precipitation contributes to lowering the level of nutrients in the soil, so it is especially important to restore its reserves. The lawn must always have substances that will help it develop and look good.

Mineral fertilizers, although they are effective, may adversely affect the composition of the soil, since they are not completely removed and processed. Therefore, many people prefer to use natural organic formulations.

Organic fertilizers are usually obtained from plant or animal waste, or from minerals in the form of powder. As examples, we can mention manure, bone meal, compost and organic chicken manure fertilizer.

Besides the fact that decomposing releases nutrients, organic fertilizers improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to retain water and nutrients. In the long run, they will increase the health and fertility of the soil, and the risk of accumulation of toxic substances for plants is excluded or very low.

Organic fertilizers must be administered according to the manufacturer’s indications. It is recommended to evenly distribute them, using appropriate equipment. Once you apply them, you must also irrigate the soil properly.