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In Colorado, lawn care is very high on the list of the most essential outdoor activities that homeowners engage in. As a result, selecting a type of grass for your lawn can be an important endeavor. When choosing the right type of grass for your lawn, you’ll have to consider a few important details:


  • Will it be just for show, or will you use it for family fun, picnics, and to have your kids play on it?
  • It’s important to consider the resilience of the grass you choose when taking into account the weather and temperature changes associated with the Colorado area.
  • You should also do some research on how that particular grass fares against pests and weeds and also a good grass fertilizer to enrich your lawn.


In Colorado, Kentucky bluegrass is considered to be one of the top most popular types of grasses used as a lawn. Most homeowners prefer this type of grass because it’s ideally suited to the overall climate in the Colorado area, and it’s also pretty resilient, so it won’t break too easily for instance, if your kids and pets play on it.


Kentucky bluegrass is like a pleasant, bluish green carpet that you can easily tend to, and that won’t easily succumb to the somewhat harsh conditions of the Colorado landscape. Moreover, local professionals can provide you with a variety of top quality bluegrass sod products so you can patch up your lawn when needed, or just use the sod from the very start.