Sod And Lawn Compost

The lawn can be obtained in two ways: by seeding or laying sod.


Sod – the quick solution

  • You get a green and uniform lawn in just one day.
  • Theoretically, sod can be installed in any season, as long as the ground is not frozen. However, early spring is the ideal time for this operation.
  • The soil on sod is to be laid must be of high quality, well cared and perfectly leveled.
  • Optimal installation maintenance is vital. In case of drought, sod can dry very quickly
  • Laying sod in your yard is quite expensive.


Grass seed – cheaper and more resistant

  • Grass seed is cheap and easy to plant.
  • You must choose the seed for the type of lawn suitable in your yard. Do not plant grass that prefers shade if your yard is in full sunlight.
  • To make sure that you get a uniform germination, you can use more seeds, up to twice as much as recommended on the packaging. It is also very important to spread them evenly.
  • Grass seed is more resistant because it has deeper roots than sod.
  • Ideally, you should plant your lawn in the autumn to do this in autumn, (September – October) be sure to use a quality compost for lawn, because this way, you will have a beautiful and green lawn in April – May.