Gardening Tips and Tricks Good Soil Compost

A lot of people take up gardening as a hobby. This offers them motivation to exercise and spend more time outdoors, instead of in front of a screen. Some people prefer to grow flowers, others want to get something useful out of their garden and opt for vegetables and herbs.


Whatever you want to do, here are a few simple tips:


  1. Consider the Location in View of Natural Sunlight

Many plants thrive in sunlight, but others prefer the shade. Thus, you should not give up the idea of starting a garden if you live in an area with little sunlight. When you go shopping for seeds or bulbs, select those that should not be exposed to a lot of light.


  1. Learn about the Perfect Time to Plant

Each plant, shrub or herb has its ideal season for planting. For instance, bulbs should be planted in late fall, before the first frost. Many seeds are best planted during spring, offering you a rich harvest in summer and early fall.  Make sure to use a great garden compost to help your plants thrive.


  1. Start with Unpretentious Plants

Some plants require very special care in terms of soil type, watering, pruning, etc. If you start out with them, your garden may fail and you will lose your enthusiasm. By contrast, plants like tomatoes and peppers and flowers such as dahlias and petunias need little to average care.