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Depending on where you live on US soil, you’ll find that the weather can get extremely dry especially in the summer. Planting seeds, growing plants and taking care of your lawn in these conditions can be extremely difficult, since the water you try to use to water your plants and flowers tends to evaporate very quickly. This is the case in Colorado, where dry, clay-like soil and dry climate work together to cause a lot of problems for gardeners all over the entire state.


Fortunately, there are ways that you can effectively manage the use of water in such areas, without wasting too much of it, and without having your precious plants dying of thirst.


One of the main tasks you can consider is to aerate your lawn and garden and apply a good organic lawn fertilizer. Aerating is very efficient, since the holes that you pop into the ground will channel water very effectively to the roots of your grass and herbs without wasting time. As such, much of the water you use will actually reach the roots, instead of being drained through the soil or ending up evaporating due to the dry climate.


Another method is to water your garden and lawn in the early morning, before it gets too hot. Experts say that a large part of the water people use in the summer ends up in the atmosphere rather than going into the ground. By watering your garden in the morning, you can limit that action, as the sun is not so strong yet and the water has a better chance of making it to the roots.