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Where can I buy your grass seed mix and other products?

On the “Dealer Locator” page on our website, you can select the product you are looking for and the city. It will tell you the closest garden center to you that carries the grass seed mix. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for writing in.

Does your Richlawn Turf Food get old or expire?

Richlawn Turf Food does not expire or lose its effectiveness as long as it remains dry and granulated. It is important to store it where it does not get moisture or it will cake up and render it unusable in the fertilizer spreader.

Hi. I have two small dogs, and I am trying to find a fertilizer that will green my lawn and present no danger to my dogs. How long would I have to wait before letting my dogs walk on the grass after fertilizing it?

Any of the Richlawn products can be used on your lawn and are safe for pets to be on the grass right after application. Follow the label directions and water the turf fertilizer in and once it’s dry, the dogs can romp about. Unlike some fertilizers that contain herbicides or fungicides, Richlawn is organic-based and does not contain harmful attributes

I'm interested in doing my own fertilization this year. Overwhelmed with how to proceed. Will you assist me which of your products should be used when? Also, do you recommend a drop or broadcast spreader?

I would recommend our Pro-Rich Turf Food. It has a higher nitrogen content which is ideal to get the lawn off to a healthy start. We have a fertilizer reminder that we send out over the season as the time comes for the next application. You can sign up for it on our website. As to the spreader, the type whether it is a drop or broadcast doesn’t really matter. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

I recently moved to the Denver area from Michigan. I have always been a Scott's fertilizer, but some of my neighbors told me I should switch to your Richlawn Pro-Rich. Why should I do that?

Because our soils are very different than other parts of the U.S., more alkaline and lacking in organic matter, fertilizers can make a difference in how plants respond. National brands are okay, but lack some of the micronutrients that are needed in our regional soil conditions. Richlawn fertilizers are formulated for the Rocky Mountain Region, plus they are organic-based and overall will help improve the structure of our alkaline, clay soils.

I am planning to apply Richlawn Turf Food, but possible snow and colder temperatures are expected. Is it safe to apply your product under these conditions?

It is perfectly safe and ideal to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn fertilizer prior to moisture. Cold temperatures will not inhibit the effect of the fertilizer. If you can, core-aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing so the nutrients will filter down into the soil and increase assimilation.

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Are there any vendors in SW Colorado (Durango/Cortez) who sell your products? Do you ship?

There are a couple of options in your part of the state. The Home Depot in Montrose carries most of our products, and they are getting an order later this week. Home Depot in Montrose carries only our EKO Compost, and ACE Hardware stores have access to most products through their warehouse in Colorado Springs.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your note.



Is Second Harvest Mulch available in Gold and where? At one time there was a cedar at Paulino's

Sorry, but we're not producing the second harvest gold anymore. The sales weren't there to support the high cost of the colored dye.

Thanks for your note.

How long after I overseed should I wait before I mow?

Newly germinated grass is very fragile. You should allow it to be about 2 inches tall if possible before the first mowing.


What product is best for a new lawn where seed is just starting to pop?

Richlawn Turf Food is an ideal product to use on new grass because of it's organic components. It will also improve soil conditions and give you a thick turf.

Thanks for your note.

I need Turf Food and can’t seem to find anyone that sells it in Arvada. Can I buy directly from you?

Richlawn Turf Food is available at Lowe's and Home Depot in Arvada.

Thanks for your note.

What are your thoughts on Milorganite vs Richlawn? I live in northern Colorado. Thanks!

We get this question a lot - Both products are good, but the advantage that Richlawn products have is they are balanced fertilizers with components added in specifically for Colorado and western soils and water conditions. The other consideration is our products are made in Colorado, so our carbon footprint is much smaller than those that are shipped in from other parts of the country.

I hope this helps and thank you for your note.

Hello, I live is Castle Rock CO. I like to know how much water and fertilizer should I put in my lawn with sandy loam. I am starting to use Pro Rich TURF. Any guidance is appreciated

Typically, Colorado lawns need 1 inch of water per week throughout the growing season. Using our Pro-Rich Turf Food can minimize that somewhat by strengthening and expanding the root system.

I hope this helps. thanks for your note.

Hello, does your EKO original compost contain wastewater sewage sludge? If not, did any of your products use sludge? Thanks, Nate

At one time we had an affiliate company in Montana that produced soils and compost under the EKO name. They did use sewage sludge, but we have never or will never use it in any of our products.

Our compost is a simple product using 30% chicken manure for nitrogen and 70% recycled virgin wood for the carbon component.

Thanks for your note.

Would the Richlawn 5-3-2 organic 100 be appropriate for use on our buffalo grass lot near Boulder? We’ve been told we need a ratio of 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 with slow-release nitrogen. Can you suggest the best mix that won’t burn? Thank you for your help!

Our Richlawn 5-3-2 organic fertilizer would be ideal on a buffalo grass lawn. It has slow-release nitrogen and will never burn. It is used exclusively on the grounds at Colorado University.

Thanks for your note.

I bought iron rich recently and used it on my yard about a month ago. However, comcast came last week to add an electrical box so they replaced the grass they tore up with new grass. It looks bad so I’m not sure if it’s going to survive. I was wondering if it’s too soon to put the iron rich stuff on the new sod?

I would recommend you use Richlawn Turf Food over the entire lawn and be sure new grass is damp to encourage root development. Spring is a good time for new growth, so I wouldn't be too concerned about the new turf. Just be sure it has firm soil contact and it doesn't dry out.

Thanks for your note.

Hi, I live in Medfield Massachusetts (02052) about 25 miles south-west of Boston. I would like to buy your PRO-RICH Turf Food. Please let me know if there are any retailers within 50 miles from my home where I can purchase this product

Sorry, but all of our retailers are in Colorado and a few in Wyoming. Due to the limited availability of our primary component, which is dehydrated chicken manure, we don't have the ability to expand much beyond that for now.

Thanks for your note, and your interest in our products.


Where can I buy Turf Food?

Richlawn Turf Food is available at all Home Depot and Lowe's stores from Ft. Collins to Pueblo.

Thanks for your note.

Residential lawn in Castle Pines. What do you recommend for spring fertilizer please? Thx!

Our Richlawn Turf Food is an all-season fertilizer which will give you a green and healthy lawn all through the growing season. It comes in a 25lb bag that covers 2,500 sf. It is available at Home Depot and Lowe's stores in your area.

Thanks for your note and your interest in our products.

Hello, I recently bought my first home and I'm looking for advice on fertilizer. I live in Frederick CO. I am unsure what type of fertilizer I should be using and when. I have a North facing front yard and a South facing backyard. Would it be possible to get a fertilizing scheduled with what product should be put down and when? Thank you Joel

I would recommend that you use our Richlawn Turf Food. It is an all-seasons fertilizer and will keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the growing season. It is available at The Home Depot in Firestone. If you have a lawn larger than 2,500sq ft, we have a similar product called Pro-Rich that covers 5,600 sq ft and is sold at garden centers and ACE Hardware stores.
Regular applications about every 6-7 weeks will give you a great lawn.

Thanks for your note.


For years l could buy Richlawm @Home Depot they don't have lt there any more we're cane l buy it now at a fare price?

Last year we were unable to produce fertilizer due to the avian influenza. We are back to full production now, and all of the Home Depot's on the front range are fully stocked.
Thanks for your note.


Where and when can I find your "Gro-Rich Rose & Perennial Food 15 lb?" I am located in the Denver, CO area.

Right now the retailers that have the best inventory of our Rose and Perennial Food is Echter's Greenhouse in Arvada, or Nick's Garden Center in Aurora.


Is pro turf good to add before the top dressing before seeding ?

Just to be clear, I assume you are referring to Pro-Rich Turf Food and not Pro-Turf grass seed, is that correct? If so, it is perfectly fine to apply the turf food at the time of seeding. It is organic-based and will not harm the seed or the tender new grass plants as they emerge.
Thanks for your note.

Do you use the Pro Rich, Iron Rich, and the turf food at the same time? I see the schedules for them just not sure if i use all three concurrently?

We are in the process of re-doing the fertilizer calendar. It is a bit confusing. For best results you would use either Pro-Rich, or Richlawn Turf Food at 6-7 week intervals throughout the growing season. Iron-Rich should be used in between fertilizations as a supplement to maintain a deep green color without forcing a lot of growth during the heat of summer.

I hope this helps, and thanks for your interest in our products.


I inadvertently applied your Pro-Rich Winterizer in the spring, on May 11th. Will this likely cause any issues?

None whatsoever. The only issue will be that your lawn will be the greenest and healthiest in the neighborhood.

Ho can you tell me who carries the Gro RIch Rose and Perennial food closer to Castle Rock or Lone tree or Parker? Thx

The nearest dealers to you that have Gro-Rich Rose and Perennial in stock are-

Nick's Garden Center- Aurora

Tagawa Gardens - Centennial

Wilmore Nursery- Littleton

We live in Longmont. Over the last 5 years, our soil has become compact and appears to have a heavier clay content/appearance when viewing aeration plugs. I'm preparing to overseed our bluegrass lawn. What products and summer/fall schedule for your products would you recommend? Thanks!

Thanks for your note. A great fertilizer choice for your situation is our Pro-Rich Turf Food about every 6-7 weeks throughout the growing season. It's also good to use at the time of over seeding. It is available at The Flower Bin in Longmont.

Can I apply richlawn turf food at the same time as I overseed?

Yes, you can apply Richlawn Turf Food at the same time as over seeding. Be sure to water afterwards. The seed needs to contact the soil to ensure germination, so the initial watering may need to be a little heavier than normal.

Thanks for your note.

I have used your grow rich garden fertilizer 510 five for a long time. I can’t seem to find it near me. I used to get it at Ace Hardware The Big Toolbox

There is good inventory of Gro-Rich Garden Fertilizer at Tagawa Gardens in Centennial and Nick's Garden Center in Aurora in your area.

Thanks for your note.

How much PRO-RICH TURF FOOD in 1,000 square feet of lawn?

You would use 8lbs per 1,000 square feet,  which is equal to about 20% of the bag.

Where else in the yard can Pro Rich Turf food be beneficial? If used on a vegetable garden, are they still organically grown? Thank you

Pro-Rich can be used on any plants in the landscape including vegetable gardens. It is 70% organic and contains no chemicals of any kind.

Does Richlawn make a weed and feed fertilizer?

No, we don't use chemicals of any kind in our products. We recommend using a spot treatment to spray the weeds, and then use our fertilizers to thicken the grass. That will prevent most weeds from coming up in the future.

Thanks for your note.

I have about 800 ft.² new sod lawn. I use the handheld rotary spreader and normally have it set at four. I did this last fall and lost my entire lawn to burn. I see on your website 1 pound per thousand square feet. What would that setting be on my handheld rotary spreader?

I also use a hand-held spreader for my small lawn. I have always set it on 4. Burning of the grass is not an issue with our products because of their organic components. The 1lb per 1,000 sf you referred to is the amount of nitrogen our fertilizers provide the grass.

Thanks for your note.

What do you recommend for dog urine spots?

There is a product made by Revive for that specific problem. It is called Dog Spot Treatment and it is available at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Thanks for your note.

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