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Where can I buy your grass seed mix and other products?

On the “Dealer Locator” page on our website, you can select the product you are looking for and the city. It will tell you the closest garden center to you that carries the grass seed mix. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for writing in.

Does your Richlawn Turf Food get old or expire?

Richlawn Turf Food does not expire or lose its effectiveness as long as it remains dry and granulated. It is important to store it where it does not get moisture or it will cake up and render it unusable in the fertilizer spreader.

Hi. I have two small dogs, and I am trying to find a fertilizer that will green my lawn and present no danger to my dogs. How long would I have to wait before letting my dogs walk on the grass after fertilizing it?

Any of the Richlawn products can be used on your lawn and are safe for pets to be on the grass right after application. Follow the label directions and water the turf fertilizer in and once it’s dry, the dogs can romp about. Unlike some fertilizers that contain herbicides or fungicides, Richlawn is organic-based and does not contain harmful attributes

I'm interested in doing my own fertilization this year. Overwhelmed with how to proceed. Will you assist me which of your products should be used when? Also, do you recommend a drop or broadcast spreader?

I would recommend our Pro-Rich Turf Food. It has a higher nitrogen content which is ideal to get the lawn off to a healthy start. We have a fertilizer reminder that we send out over the season as the time comes for the next application. You can sign up for it on our website. As to the spreader, the type whether it is a drop or broadcast doesn’t really matter. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

I recently moved to the Denver area from Michigan. I have always been a Scott's fertilizer, but some of my neighbors told me I should switch to your Richlawn Pro-Rich. Why should I do that?

Because our soils are very different than other parts of the U.S., more alkaline and lacking in organic matter, fertilizers can make a difference in how plants respond. National brands are okay, but lack some of the micronutrients that are needed in our regional soil conditions. Richlawn fertilizers are formulated for the Rocky Mountain Region, plus they are organic-based and overall will help improve the structure of our alkaline, clay soils.

I am planning to apply Richlawn Turf Food, but possible snow and colder temperatures are expected. Is it safe to apply your product under these conditions?

It is perfectly safe and ideal to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn fertilizer prior to moisture. Cold temperatures will not inhibit the effect of the fertilizer. If you can, core-aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing so the nutrients will filter down into the soil and increase assimilation.

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Where can I find your fertilizer in or near arvada

Our fertilizers are available at: Home Depot, Lowe's,  Echter's garden center, Malara Gardens all in Arvada.


With high temps coming later in the week, do you advise against using Pro-Rich Fertilizer until a day or two of cooler temps? I'm following the eight week schedule.

Thanks for your note. Temperature is not really a factor with Pro-Rich. It is non-burning due to its organic and natural components. I would stay with your schedule. Just water as normal after the application.

What should we do if our dog ate some of the Grow Rich Rose food?

Ingesting fertilizer whether it's ours or any other should be avoided. All of the ingredients in our products are natural and organic, so the dog may vomit, but I have never heard of any other complications from eating a small amount. If you have any concerns I would recommend you contact a veterinarian who could give you more professional advice.

Thanks for your note.



Hello, Do you spread Iron-Rich with the same frequency as Pro-Rich? If yes, do you also use a spreader? Do you only spread Iron-Rich if your grass is yellow?

Thanks for your question. Iron-Rich is a supplement that is intended to be used in between regular ferilizations. I would recommend it be used from June to August when the lawn is stressed from the summer heat. It keeps the lawn green without forcing a lot of growth, which means using more water, and also more mowing.
You would use a spreader at 50% of maximum opening.



Is Nature’s Yield Organic Compost similar to EKO Organic Compost? Please provide a comparison between the two products.

Thanks for your question. The difference between the two products is Nature's Yield Compost also contains peat moss.

Hello, Home Depot in Boulder did not have the Pro Rich Winterizer available last fall-are there retailers in the Boulder area that do stock it? Thanks

Thanks for your question. Pro-Rich is sold at garden centers and ACE Hardware stores. Mcguckin Hardware will have it as well as The Flower Bin, and Budget Home Center in Longmont.


I have done a soil test the last 2-years via the MySoil brand test kits. My Nitrogen is low; Phosphorus very high and Potassium is okay. All other nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Iron are at or near optimum range. My lawn looks poor. My assessment is not enough water nor have I aerated in a few years. I power raked about 5-years ago and bag clippings as I was told they do not break down at eleveation- I am about 5800'. My lawn is bluegrass/fescue mix. I feel like I am doing the right things, but getting no results for the effort I am putting in. Any ideas on what I could do differently?

Thanks for your note. Soil tests are good, but the results can be misleading. Your soil structure could contain all of the proper elements necessary for healthy plant growth, but they get held up in the clay soil we have and never reach the root of grass or other plants where they can be used.
You didn't mention what fertilizer you were using or if you had applied any this spring. I would recommend you use our Richlawn Turf Food 4-5 times throughout the growing season at 7–8-week intervals. Aerating is also one of the best things you can do to improve and maintain the health of your lawn.
I would never recommend power raking a lawn in Colorado under any circumstances because of the damage that is done to the crown of the plant. And, as we move out of more moisture and into more of a hot weather pattern, regular deep watering will become more important. Colorado lawns need about an inch per week which equates roughly to 20-25 minutes twice a week.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Your FAQ's are great! New Q: a mature bush in a bed bordering the lawn that gets fertilized by the HOA has yellow-ish new growth this year. Definitely not the rich green as past years. We've cleared the base to amend with compost to which we mixed a tad of coffee grounds, but wondering how to best restore the lush dark green color. Is spraying leaves with ferrous sulphate helpful? Iron-rich looks like a possibility; how should it be applied? how many applications & how soon to know if it's working? A chloric ginella (sp?) maple tree was removed from the lawn 6 years ago - 6 feet away! Coincidence? would hate to loose this beautiful bush! TK U !!

Thanks for you note and your kind words. Generally speaking yellowish leaves on an otherwise healthy plant is usually too much water, or lack of iron. We have had a fair amount of rain recently, so that is a possibility. If you feel it is, take a wooden or metal stake and poke some holes around the base of the plant to help aerate it.
If the veins of the leaves look darker than the rest of the leaf it is chlorosis, which would be my suspicion because you mentioned there had been a maple there. Iron-Rich would be a good fix for that. Just get a couple of handfuls and spread it evenly around the base of the plant and then water it in about once a month from now through the end of August.
If you would like to take a couple of pictures of the leaves and email them to me, I could give you more definitive information.
My email is

I hope this helps.

Hello, I have a new customer that has a very large yard with chicken. What is a natural organic fertilizer that you would recommend me to use in their lawn

Thanks for your question. I would recommend our OMRI certified organic 5-3-2. It is a 40lb bag and is sold at Home Depot and Lowe's. It is 100% poultry manure.

Is Second Harvest Mulch safe for a vegetable garden?

Thanks for your question. Second Harvest mulch is perfectly safe to use in any landscape area, including a vegetable garden.

I planted EZgreen grass seed in my front yard. I had to reseed half of it. I broke up the dirt and used a grass seed spreader and then covered the seed with a thin layer of peat moss. I planted the seed on May 24th and have been watering it morning and night and i have no new grass growing. Any advise on what i could do different or how I can get this grass to grow in my front yard? I live in Falcon Colorado. Thank you!

Thanks for your question. This is always difficult to answer because there are so many variables that affect the timing of germination. Typically, you should start seeing new grass in about 10 days which is where we are right now. I'm not sure if any of these are a possibility, but here are a few things that could affect it:

If you covered the seed with more an a sixteenth of an inch of peat moss that could slow it down
If you are under or overwatering the seed that could also affect it and slow down germination
Using an herbicide to kill weeds prior to seeding is harmful to the seed

I would say to give it a few more days and hopefully you will start to see it.


Please suggest the best fertilizer for Tahoma 31 grass. Thanks.

Thanks for your question. Our Pro-Rich Turf Food 14-2-5 would be a great choice for Texoma 31. It is available at almost all garden centers and ACE Hardware stores in Colorado.

Where can I buy your “gro-rich garden fertilizer “ with DPW? I live in Firestone C0. Flowering and Budget Home Suply in Longmont don’t have it.

Thanks for your question. you might want to call first, but The Flower Bin in Longmont normally carries it. 303-772-3454.



I purchased a few bags of the eko top dressing in the fall and didn’t get a chance to use it. Stored it in my garage over the winter and when I opened it today it was full of what looks like gnats. Can I still use it? What should I do with it?

Gnats are drawn to moisture, and compost in a bag over a period of time would contain some moisture. I would go ahead and use it as planned. They are not harmful, and once exposed to the air, the compost will dry a bit and they will be gone.

Thanks for your note.

which is best for weed & feed for new sod?

Thank you for your question. We don't produce any weed & feed products. I would recommend not using one on new sod, or any grass this time of year though. They are synthetic fertilizers which are high in nitrogen, and can damage new turf in warm weather. A better choice would be our Richlawn Turf Food to establish the new roots and help the grass grow naturally. If necessary use a spot weed killer that targets individual weeds.

Best way to remove stains which appear as rust stains on concrete as result of getting small amount of Pro-Rich on driveway and sidewalk?

There is a product called Iron-Out that,was made specifically for this reason. I have seen it at ACE Hardware and online.

Thanks for your question.

What's the difference between your rich lawn turf food and your iron-rich product? Also I noticed your iron-rich product does not have the three numbers on it N,P,K. What are the three numbers in your iron-rich bag? Thanks

Richlawn Turf Food is a 10-2-5 balanced fertilizer. Iron-Rich is 3-2-1 and contains 10% Iron and 5% sulfur. It is a supplement to be used in between fertilizations, and to add extra Iron to trees and other plants in the landscape.

Thanks for your question.

What is your price for Natures Yield Compost 1.5 cu. ft.? How many bags on a pallet? Location for pckup? Do you deliver in Denver area?

Nature's Yield is a private lable product that is sold exclusively to members of Garden Centers of Colorado. To answer your question there are 50 bags on a pallet.

I have a scotts drop spreader,what setting should I put it ?

You would set your spreader at 60% of the maximum opening. If it goes from 1-18 you would set it on 11.

Thanks for your question.

Richlawn Looking for your Second Harvest Mulch - Gold. Your dealer locator isn't working. Can you help me locate a store that has this product in stock? I'm in city of Westminster area code 80021. Thanks Kirk

Thanks for your question. We discontinued making the gold much last year. The colorant had gotten so expensive it just wasn't cost effective to keep it going.

I just used Revive on my lawn - is it ok to use Richlawn Turf food as well? Thanks!

Thanks for your question. Revive and Richlawn can be used simultaneously. They compliment each other very well.

Wanted to let you know that the quality of Richland Turf Food may be going down hill. The last bag O purchased could not be spread using a spreader, due to clumps of hairy stuff that clogged the spreader. I’d be more than happy to send a picture for reference.

Thank you for your comment. The reason you would see clumps in fertilizer is because moisture entered the bag from being stored outside. We regularly address this with the Home Depot and Lowe's stores so this doesn't happen, but sometimes it does.

My email is:

Thanks, Jim

Good afternoon. I was wondering how much sulfur is in the Pro-Rich Turf Food and will it help repel rabbits from my lawn? Thanks for your time. Alan

Thanks for your question. Pro-Rich contains 4% sulfur. A true repellent would remain on the surface for longer lasting effectiveness  but there is enough in Pro-Rich to help until it breaks down and goes down into the soil.

We have an area that used to be rocks and now we are removing the rocks to make it into an area with plants. We also have a Maple tree in this area that is struggling with chlorosis (iron deficiency). We are planning to add more top soil to this area. Do you recommend Eko Compost or another product? We probably need 2 yards and are looking for a dealer that can deliver in bulk. Who do you recommend in the LIttleton area for that? Thank you

Thanks for your question. Whatever amendment you decide to go with,  it should tilled in to existing soil at a rate of 2 yards per 1,000 square feet. We don't sell EKO Compost bulk, but there are some good mixes available. I would not use top soil for this.

Some good dealers would be Jared's,  Wilmore Nursery and Pioneer Landscape supplies.

Are you suppose to use richlawn turf food (green) and the iron-rich (yellow) at the same time? staggard? or iron rich if your grass is healthy and richlawn turf food if you are still trying to build up your lawn?

Thanks for your question. Richlawn Turf Food is an all seasons fertilizer to be used throughout the growing season.  Iron-Rich is a supplement that can be used in between applications or on trees like Maples, which are prone to yellowing leaves.

my lawn has area of brown even though they are getting watered. It is mid July and its supposed to be 100 degrees all week, Can I apply the Richlawn Turf Food I just bought?

Thanks for your question. This is the most stressful time of year for our cool season grasses, but yes, you can apply Richlawn Turf Food now. Just water it in after application as you normally would.

I’ve been using your IRON-RICH for years. I now live in south west Nebraska and need to know where I can find it anywhere in my area. Thanks. Wade Beisner 422 E Chestnut St Orleans Ne 68966

Thanks for your question. We had a distributor in Nebraska for several years. Unfortunately,  they are no longer in business. The closest stores to you that carry our products are probably Home Depot and Lowe's in Cheyenne. Hopefully we can work with another distributor soon.

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