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Where can I buy your grass seed mix and other products?

On the “Dealer Locator” page on our website, you can select the product you are looking for and the city. It will tell you the closest garden center to you that carries the grass seed mix. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for writing in.

Does your Richlawn Turf Food get old or expire?

Richlawn Turf Food does not expire or lose its effectiveness as long as it remains dry and granulated. It is important to store it where it does not get moisture or it will cake up and render it unusable in the fertilizer spreader.

Hi. I have two small dogs, and I am trying to find a fertilizer that will green my lawn and present no danger to my dogs. How long would I have to wait before letting my dogs walk on the grass after fertilizing it?

Any of the Richlawn products can be used on your lawn and are safe for pets to be on the grass right after application. Follow the label directions and water the turf fertilizer in and once it’s dry, the dogs can romp about. Unlike some fertilizers that contain herbicides or fungicides, Richlawn is organic-based and does not contain harmful attributes

I recently laid new bluegrass sod and want to know which of your products to use as a starter fertilizer. Thanks.

Because of their organic components, any of our fertilizers are safe to use on new turf. Because of the added iron, and the time of year, I would recommend Pro-Rich which is available at all independent garden centers and many ACE Hardware stores on the Colorado front range

I just planted your E-Z Green Colorado Premium Turf Blend, how tall should the grass be before the first cutting?

Once the grass has germinated and starts to fill in, let it grow to a height of 3 inches or more, then carefully mow to remove only one-third of the grass leaf blades (the height of the lawn should be around 2- 1/2 to 3 inches tall). This will also mow any annual weeds that often accompany a newly seeded lawn. At each mowing it is important to only remove one-third of the leaf blade to avoid stressing the grass. During the growing season it will start to thicken and develop into a nice, uniform lawn.

I'm interested in doing my own fertilization this year. Overwhelmed with how to proceed. Will you assist me which of your products should be used when? Also, do you recommend a drop or broadcast spreader?

I would recommend our Pro-Rich Turf Food. It has a higher nitrogen content which is ideal to get the lawn off to a healthy start. We have a fertilizer reminder that we send out over the season as the time comes for the next application. You can sign up for it on our website. As to the spreader, the type whether it is a drop or broadcast doesn’t really matter. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

I love Richlawn Turf Food and use it 4 times a year. My grass is due for its first feeding and it's too early to turn on the sprinkler system. If I put down the Turf Food around 5 pm and it doesn't start raining/snowing until 7 am the next day, will the Turf Food burn my turf?

No. It could remain on your lawn for several days before receiving water and it would not burn. The organic components we use are very safe.

I recently moved to the Denver area from Michigan. I have always been a Scott's fertilizer, but some of my neighbors told me I should switch to your Richlawn Pro-Rich. Why should I do that?

Because our soils are very different than other parts of the U.S., more alkaline and lacking in organic matter, fertilizers can make a difference in how plants respond. National brands are okay, but lack some of the micronutrients that are needed in our regional soil conditions. Richlawn fertilizers are formulated for the Rocky Mountain Region, plus they are organic-based and overall will help improve the structure of our alkaline, clay soils.

I only use Richlawn Turf Food 10-2-5 plus Iron on my lawn. Are the grass clippings safe to use in my garden and compost bin?

Richlawn products are organic-based and the grass clippings can be safely recycled back into the garden, or if you have a compost pile, please use them in light layers combined with other organic components. It is a great way to make use of the nitrogen and put it back into the garden and for other soil improvement.

I am planning to apply Richlawn Turf Food, but possible snow and colder temperatures are expected. Is it safe to apply your product under these conditions?

It is perfectly safe and ideal to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn fertilizer prior to moisture. Cold temperatures will not inhibit the effect of the fertilizer. If you can, core-aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing so the nutrients will filter down into the soil and increase assimilation.

I have 3/4 of a bag of lawn food remaining. Can I use it as winterize?

Yes, you can. Fall is the most important fertilization of the year, and it’s a good opportunity to use up fertilizer that’s on hand. You can start fresh in the spring.

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    Where can I buy your grass seed mix?

    On the "Dealer Locator" page on our website, you can select the product you are looking for and the city. It will tell you the closest garden center to you that carries the grass seed mix. Thanks for your interest, and thank you for writing in.

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    My lawn has what I have always called fairy ring. I understand it is some kind of fungus. 1. how can I treat it? 2 will rich lawn turf food add too much nitrogen? (which I have been told is the problem)

    Fairy ring is a best controlled with a combination of wetting agents and aeration; deep aeration to allow water to percolate down to the roots. Also, fertilize a bit more often with organic fertilizer like Richlawn 5-3-2 (every three weeks, lighter than package recommendations) to mask the symptoms. If areas are really bad, dig the infected areas and resod or reseed. You will need to remove the whitish-gray mycelium or root structure to be sure you've got all the disease spores.

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    I have a bluegrass sod lawn that is experiencing what I have been told is necrotic ring spot. How can I treat this? It has been told to me that too much niotrogen is one of the culprits. What do you suggest to help solve this issue. It has taken over about 20% of my back yard.

    Necrotic ring spot is a very challenging lawn disease to control as it is persistent in weak lawns. Follow good cultural practices of core-aeration, deep less frequent watering and organic fertilizers that are lower nitrogen and slow-release. Pesticides are generally not effective and very costly. Reseeding with disease resistant varieties of grass is also quite helpful and will thwart the disease. Richlawn EZ Green grass seed blend would be a good option, as it is resistant to necrotic ring spot.

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    I had a sprinker system put in last July and reseeded the trenches but am having trouble getting the grass to grow. I reseeded again but you can still tell where the trneches are. Should I wait and see how things look this spring after the lawn greens up or do I need to resod those areas?

    Hopefully you seeded with a variety of grass seed (not a patch or grass mixture) that will match the current sod; give it time to fill in and mow accordingly. New grass in trenched areas where the soil was disturbed is generally more vigorous due to the good aeration and drainage.

    Discover the secrets to successful gardening in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region in John's books, Rocky Mountain Gardener's Guide and Month-by-Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountains (Cool Springs Press). Follow your lawn, garden, and landscape scheduled activities throughout all the seasons. Look for John's books at your favorite bookstore.

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    I have been told I have Necrotic Ring Spot. I did just fertilize with Revive and ProRich (green bag), with aeration prior to that. It is now the middle of April - and I understand I should fertilize every 6 weeks with a low nitrogen slow release product. Which of your products should I purchase. I also want to try and reseed - should I pick up the old damaged turf? Can I do my yard in sections for reseeding as I have a very large yard.

    Continue to fertilize every 4 weeks with the organic-based Richlawn products at the recommended rates. Also, if the lawn has not been core-aerated, have that cultural practice done in the spring before the weather gets too hot. If you desire to reseed, do this after aeration so the grass seed will lodge in the holes left from aeration. This will allow the seeds to germinate more successfully. If there are dead areas from NRS, dig these out and replace with soil amended with compost.You can do sections at intervals, but seeding is best done now while it is cool and moisture is available.

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    I have euonymous (?) shrubs and they have been hit by a disease that starts as yellowing of the leaves and ugly woody growths on the stalks. the plant eventually dies and the woody stalks are covered by a powdery material. this disease only affects these plants - plants next to them are unaffected. I have asked around and nobody knows what i'm talking about. I hope you can help me.

    This problem with euonymus is likely a virus that is not treatable. It is best to remove the infected plants and replace with healthy ones. To verify you may pursue the assistance of a plant pathologist at CSU.

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    Great products, keep up the good work! Had one question on the Garden soil mix. I usually mix in EKO compost into the native soil for my vegetable garden, is the garden mix made to till in or could i just fill up the boxes with the soil?. Or do you think EKO Compost is the way to go for vegetables? You have so many great products to choose from its hard to make up my mind. Thanks for your time.

    If you desire, you can plant vegetables and flowers directly into boxes or containers filled with EKO Outdoor Planting mix, but your native soil can be improved with either EKO compost or the outdoor planting mix. Consider the amount needed to determine if this works with your garden budget. Plant at the proper depths and water in thoroughly. Be sure that containers have proper drainage. To prepare native garden soil, continue to use EKO Compost added to the soil at the ratio of one third compost to two-thirds native soil. Use EKO every garden season and you will soon have a rich, loamy garden soil.

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    What is the best fertilizer blend to use on vegetables, flowers etc. Can I use one product for everything?

    There are some great choices from Gro Rich to fertilize both vegetables and roses. Among my favorites is the Gro Rich Rose and Perennial Food. It can be used on vegetables, too. If you desire, Gro Rich has a special vegetable fertilizer blend. Both are organic based and provide excellent results.

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    I used your EZ Green grass seed recently. It is starting to come up nicely. What do I do now to get it to thicken up?

    You can apply Richlawn Turf Food after the first mowing; this usually occurs after the grass is about 2 inches tall. Water in thoroughly after application. Followup with additional fertilizer applications every three to four weeks throughout the season.

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    I have some patches of a wide bladed, very invasive grass. It grows in clumps, and they seem to be bigger than last year. I always blamed it on crabgrsss, but now I understand that it is not. Any ideas how I can control this grass before it takes over my whole lawn?

    It is most likely bunches of tall fescue; the safest control is to dig the clumps out with a sharp shovel and repair the areas by planting fresh sod cut to fit the areas. Keep watered daily and it will have rooted in. Fertilize with Richlawn Turf Food to help mask the discolored portions. If this coarse grass is all over the lawn, you may consider starting over or live with it.

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    Can I put down Iron Rich on my lawn in the middle of the summer. What Fert Spreader is the best one to use on a personal lawn roughly 6k sq ft area? Thanks

    Summer is the best time to apply Iron Rich as it is non-burning and this is when cool season lawns need the additional boost with iron nutrient. After application, be sure to sweep concrete surfaces before watering. You can use either a drop spreader or rotary type; I prefer the rotary spreader for more uniform application.

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    What do you recommend I use to fill deep areas (to level the ground) prior to grass seeding? I need to fill some areas up to 6". Thank you!

    To match the current soil conditions I recommend a mixture of EKO Compost and some of your garden soil; 50 percent EKO and 50 percent native soil from a vegetable garden or other area in your yard. The areas can then be reseeded with seed varieties that will match your current lawn grasses.

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    I am a loyal Pro-Rich customer and have been for 10 years. I can never remember if it is safe to use when applying grass seed.

    It is safe to apply Pro-Rich when planting grass seed; just apply according to the label directions. Since it is slow-release, the nutrients will benefit the new seedlings as the emerge and grow.

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    Our yard has never been grass, last fall we pulled all the weeds, rototilled and then added 13 yds of planters mix to the sandy soil. Then in the spring we pulled all new weeds (a lot less than we started with) and rototilled the soil again. We purchased 9 lbs of Richlawn E-Z Green Colorado Premium Turf Blend to cover our 1500sqft lawn. The seed was sown on April 12th, 2011. The grass is about 1" tall however, we have a large amount of clover, as we have had since we moved in, only now its in mixed in with our new grass. My question is when can we apply an agent to fight the clover and what type of agent do you recommend that is least likely to affect the Richlawn blend we used?

    It is best to wait until the new seeded lawn has been mowed at least three times before trying to control the clover. However, clover is an old-fashioned nurse-crop that adds nitrogen to the soil as a natural way to maintain a nice green ground cover. If you must use a commercial herbicide labeled for clover, read and follow label directions exactly as not to harm the new grasses.

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    I applied Iron Rich to my lawn (fresh sod put in in Sept) two days ago. I added extra to a couple of yellow spots (one being really badly brown shaped like a half moon at the edge of my flower garden. Well it started raining for two straight nights that same night after I applied it and now the moon spot and about 5 other areas where it appears I added too much are totally brown, worse than they were before. Look burned. What should I do, wait a few days to see if the sun coming out improves the condition?

    Even though Iron Rich is organic-based, an over application or spills in the lawn during application can burn the crowns of the grass. Luckily, the roots and rhizomes of the grass are still alive and will fill back in eventually. Now is the time to core-aerate the areas where too much was applied and water well. The grass will begin to grow in and the spots should disappear within a month or so.

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    Hello! I've been using your products for about 5 years and have been very satisfied with the results. I applied the Turf Food to my lawn in early April and now have a major problem with large areas of lawn that appear to be totally dead. Can this product burn the grass if it is not watered in enough? Even after all the rain we've received this past week, there has been no change to the problem areas (about 20-25% of the back yard). I would appreciate any information you could provide.

    When Richlawn is applied properly and at the recommended rate there is no problem with "burning", even if the organic-based fertilizer is not watered in immediately. It is when spills or an over application occurs that a slight burning may appear. However, the grass will grow back.
    Your problem with large areas dying is much more likely a fungus disease which often occurs with high moisture, or possibly an insect infestation. I recommend that you have the lawn checked by a reputable lawn service or your county agent.

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    We planted new sod in the fall and it wintered over well through the dry winter. When is a good time to aerate and fertilize new sod? What is the best Pro Rich fertilizer to use on new sod?

    A newly sodded lawn generally does not need to be aerated the first growing season. However, early to late spring is the recommended time to apply Richlawn Pro Rich Turf Food. Read and follow label directions. This slower release fertilizer will maintain the lawn in good shape and a thick lawn escapes weed invasions.

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    Our lawn looks poor, used Mile-Hi liquid aeration/fertilizer, am wondering if after having already fertilized with Mile-Hi 2-3 weeks ago if it is too soon to use your product or if we should wait. Looks like we have a mix of fescue and crab grass and a fair amount of thatch. We use a mulching lawnmower and more good rain is expected this wkd. Thank you

    If the lawn was fertilized with a commercial grade synthetic, wait four weeks until you apply Richlawn. The issue of the lawn being a mix of clump grasses is not an easy one to solve. You may just have to live with it or if your budget allows, start over and plant a new lawn. You can also kill the clump grass areas one at a time using a Glyphosate product, and then re-seed the area with Richlawn EZ Seed mix.

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    Will natures cycle organic fertilizer be best applied by a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader? any pro or cons about either way of application?

    There really is no advantage to either method of application. I personally like the broadcast spreader because it is faster, but both are equally effective. Thanks for using our fertilizer.

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    does your Richlawn Turf Food get old or expire?

    Richlawn ProRich Turf Food does not expire or lose its effectiveness as long as it remains dry and granulated. It is important to store it where it does not get moisture or it will cake up and render it unusable in the fertilizer spreader.

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    What is a good potting soil mix? I currently am using 1/2 Rich Lawn top soil, the remainder (70% spaguhm moss, and 30% perl lite). I have lots of pots, window boxes, etc. and re-cycle at end of season to be mixed in with next seasons potting. OK?

    Your mixture should work well; if you prefer, try using the EKO potting mix or container mix and you won’t have to mix up the aforementioned ingredients. As long as you're getting good plant growth and results, use whatever works best for you.

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    Can I use Gro-Rich super bone meal when planting tomatoes in pots

    Gro-Rich Super bonemeal is a great organic fertilizer for container gardening; the low nitrogen gives a boost while the phosphorous will promote healthy stem growth and tomato production.

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    We tilled our yard this spring, pulled all the weeds and seeded with your Colorado Turf Grass Mix 3 weeks ago (end of May) on our 5K sq. foot yard. The grass is now about an inch tall. However, we have a ton of weeds coming up as well. What would you suggest we use to control the weeds and how soon can we do it?

    If the weeds are the annual kinds, simply mowing will eliminate the weeds as the turf grasses thicken and choke out the weeds. If there are perennial types of weeds, spot-spraying may be necessary with an approved herbicide after the first mowing-read and follow label directions; for the organic gardener, dig or hand pull the weeds while they are young and the roots are shallow.

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    We are buying a house and the lawn has not been watered for a month, let alone anything else. 1.What is the most immediate care for it in regard to watering it since it is not occupied yet. Then, what are your suggestions on caring for it. It could be another month before we take ownership.

    If the lawn is not dead from severe dehydration, start watering to get the rhizomes stimulated and the grass should green up slowly. An application of Pro Rich lawn fertilizer can be applied once you know there is life. Unattended lawns are often too far gone and you may have to start over.

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    I have a question about your products. I have an established lawn that is seed and I use Tru Green Lawn company for my lawn fertilization. I believe they gave me a sample bag of your organic fertilizer to use but if you could let me know if Tru Green's doesn't use your product or if their is a dealer in Michigan that does. Also, I just put down a starter ferilizer to revitalize the lawn after a put a sprinkler system in and over seeded....What product that you have would you recommend to really green it up and give it a thicker look.....

    Tru-Green in Michigan does use our 8-2-1 organic fertilizer. That is a very good turf food, and has been used by golf courses and turf management professionals for years. Tru-Green has been using is for their organic program for a couple of years with great success.

    Unfortunately, we don't have any retail outlets that we sell to in the upper midwest, so at this point, the only to get it is through Tru-Green. Maybe they would sell it to you. I'm not sure if they do that or not, but it might be worth asking.

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    Please tell me your suggestion on best watering practices. I am getting alot of different opinions. 3 x a week for 20 minutes a zone. Hot months, 3 x a week for 40 minutes a zone. Part of my lawn is very dry while the other is looking good. Don't want to overwater as I am trying to control the neucrotic ring spot. Also, having an extreme breakout of clusters of mushrooms, which appear in the sunny part of the yard. Any suggestions.

    This is difficult to answer as there is no single watering schedule for lawns as soils, drainage, temperature, and exposure will determine the turf‘s need for water. You must check frequently to determine which frequency works best and the depth of water percolation into the soil for your lawn.

    Common sense watering practices of watering in the cool of day,(set to come on between 3 to 6 a.m.) and watering long enough to get water to soak into the soil. The length of watering time will depend on the type of sprinkler head and amount of water delivered.

    Mushrooms are a result of high organic matter in the lawn which serves as the ideal environment for them to germinate and thrive. Aerate these areas to increase air circulation and reduce thatch buildup.

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    Is it OK to apply Pro-Rich Lawn Fertilizer in July when the temperature is forecast to be in the 90's for several days or more? This would be the second application this season. The first application was in late May. The grass looks good.

    It is essential that you fertilize your lawn for the summer to maintain its vigor and drought resistance. Since Richlawn is organic-based it is safe to apply with higher temperatures. Apply RIchlawn to your lawn according to directions and your lawn will benefit from this second feeding. Next fertilizer application should occur around Labor Day.

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    Can I apply Richlawn Iron-rich and REVIVE at the same time?

    Yes, you certainly can. Apply Iron-Rich first, then Revive, and water normally after your application. Be sure to sweep or blow material off of concrete before watering to avoid staining from iron.

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    I just moved into a house that recently put new sod in and they under watered it and started to dry out. I have a couple patches that are having a tough time coming back. What do you recommend I use to increase the growth in these areas?

    It is difficult to predict if these dying patches will actually recover; if the roots were damaged by dehydration or oxygen starvation, the areas will not recover. It is best to cut pieces of new sod and replace these areas. Watering properly is so essential for the establishment of sodded lawns.

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    I don't know if John Cretti is still answering questions here. I have a garden question. I have a lot of blue spruce pine needle and pine cone mulch. Is that safe and effective to use around flowers (lilies, roses, oriental poppies) and in veggie gardens? Thanks for your assistance!

    Spruce, pine and other evergreen needles and pine cone mulch is very useful as organic mulch around ornamentals, flowers, and vegetables. It is a myth that using pine needles will make the soil too acid, so use as needed. For more information that pertains to gardening in the Rocky Mountain region, refer to John’s book Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Guide and Month-by-Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountains (Cool Springs Press).

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    My sprinklers have to run every day in order for my grass not to die because I live in a warmer area. I also have 36 rose bushes that are affected by the sprinklers as well. I'm afraid they are being over-watered because some of the leaves are turning yellow. I don't have a lot of time to hand water the plants separately. What should I do?

    Roses don’t tolerate overwatering and are vulnerable to leaf diseases and oxygen starvation if watered daily. To avoid this take the time to install a drip-irrigation system in your rose garden. This will save you time and your roses.

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    Is there any 'good' time to use clay buster? I have a garden bed that I would like to work the garden one more time before winter in Kansas. Would it be good to do this now and let it sit through the winter - or wait until spring?

    There is really no bad time to add organic matter to your garden bed. I prefer to add it in the fall, and let it sit over the winter. In the spring I add more, and till it in to the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches. Depending on the current condition of your garden soil you may want to just add it once. The most important thing to do it to mix it in with the existing soil.

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    With the temperatures in the 90's everyday, is it too hot to plant my Richlawn grass seed? If it is too hot now, when I can I plant it?

    Newly planted grass seed must be kept wet until germination occurs, generally in 7-10- days. After germination, daily irrigation is still required for several days. The warmer the weather, the more times it must be watered. If you have a sprinkler system, it is not as difficult, but I would wait until temperatures moderate in late September and do it then. Your success rate will be higher, and you will save water and money.

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    What's the best way to top dress my lawn? I have a very large area and was wondering if I can use a broadcast spreader or some other means to get good coverage? Also, can you make a recommendation to fill in the low spots on my lawn? The turf is in great shape so I don't want to start over, but need to fill those holes.

    EKO Top Dressing is finely screened, and can easily be applied using a broadcast spreader. As to filling in low spots, there are two methods and either one works well. The first is to add about a half inch of top soil every few weeks and gradually raise the level of the soil. The other method is to remove the sod in the low areas, level them and then put the sod back in to place. In either case, it is best to wait until spring when the grass is actively growing. The repair will take much less time.

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    I have an area on the south side of the house that is currently "rocked" - removed yucca plants this summer, but need to completely sterilize the soil to kill all the weeds, sumac, etc. before doing anything else. What product do you recommend? Do I need to move all the rock (gulp!) What time of year should I do it? More than one application needed, etc? Thank you!

    If your intention is to plant this area with flowers or other landscape plants, you should remove the rock. Soil sterilants are not recommended, as this would harm new plantings and roots from trees and shrubs nearby. Continue to dig out weeds and spot-treat if needed with a short-lived weed killer. If you get started soon, you can plant this autumn with perennials, ground covers and other available landscape plants. Good luck.

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    We live in the northern Colorado area. I used your Pro-Rich Winterizer around the end of October. Only problem is my spreader stuck open and I didn't catch it in time. The area is a small front lawn but I calculate that it doubled the recommended application amount. It snowed right after the application so I couldn't "flush" the front lawn. The lawn after the snow is melting is turning a funny gright yellow color. Is there anything I can do this late in the game?

    There is really nothing to do other than to water monthly during dry periods over the winter. Due to its organic based properties, the excess application of Pro-Rich Winterizer is not a problem. Typically, turf grasses begin going in to dormancy in November which would explain the off-color you are seeing. Your lawn will be fine, and should green-up earlier in the spring because you applied winterizer in late October.

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    Help! I am in Erie, Colorado. This is Year 2 of using Richlawn products (fertilizer and grass seed) and following Plant Doctor tips...and my lawn is amazing, a complete turnaround from years past! However, this summer it also seems to have attracted all new sorts of weeds. Too many to control with simple spot spraying (I think). I have not used any major weed control products to date. Do you have any tips, perhaps a calendar similar to your fertilizer calendar that includes tips for some kind of general weed control? Product recommendations would be great, too. Thanks!

    If you are a true organic gardener and do not wish to use herbicides, mechanical and cultural control methods are recommended. This means keeping the lawn thick with the Richlawn fertilizers as recommended on the label, five to six feedings a year. Core-aeration at least twice; spring and autumn. A thick, dense lawn will choke out most annual weeds. Perennial weeds are controlled with digging and pulling when the soil is moist; pre-emergent controls such as corn gluten in spring to prevent weed seeds from germinating in mid to late spring. Otherwise, you will need to return to chemical herbicides and spot treat according to the label directions. Select from the more environmentally-friendly weed control products and follow label directions carefully.

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    We went on vacation and our housesitter failed to water our Zoysia grass. It is now brown like hay. Will it grow back? We live in Texas and the temps are over 100 right now.

    Zoysia is a warm season grass and is acclimated to drought conditions. Typically, warm season grasses go dormant with extreme lack of water, and then green-up when irrigated. The best thing to do is give it a good soaking and hopefully it will respond. Best of luck in the hot summer days!!

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    We live south of Castle Rock in the foothills. Last spring we tilled 20 40gal bags of scrub oak leaves in our garden and this year the garden did not produce like last year. Are the oak leaves good for the soil or do we have to add something?

    The lack of production from the garden this year, and the addition of scrub oak leaves are unrelated. This year has been challenging because our erratic weather. Cool, then wet, and then hot and dry. Oak leaves are great to add to the soil, but if you do add lthem in the future, be sure they are dry so they will break down in the soil faster. EKO Compost would also be something great to incorporate in to the soil.

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    We live in Colorado Springs. Our flower beds and rock gardens are being taken over by clover. We pull out the clover often but it keeps returning. There are now some patches of clover in our lawn. We sure need a solution to this problem and will appreciate your advice.

    Clover is a perennial plant, which means it comes back year after year. Unless you can get every bit of the root (which is nearly impossible to do) the plant will shortly re-generate. If you can treat the clover without contacting desirable plants, then Roundup or another product containing glyphosate would solve the problem. If that is not possible, pieces of black plastic placed over the plants will deprive them of water and will kill them. Other than that, your best bet is to continue to pull them manually. Eventually, the root will starve and the plants will die. That method does take a good bit of time though.

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    Can I apply Richlawn before I add lawn seed?

    You can put down Richlawn or Pro-Rich Turf Food at the time of seeding. Both are organic based and will not harm seed, or tender young grass plants.

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    Hi. I have two small dogs, and I am trying to find a fertilizer that will green my lawn and present no danger to my dogs. How long would I have to wait before letting my dogs walk on the grass after fertilizing it?

    Any of the Richlawn Turf Food products can be used on your lawn and is safe for pets to be on the grass right after application. Follow the label directions and water the turf fertilizer in and once it’s dry, the dogs can romp about. Unlike some fertilizers that contain herbicides or fungicides, Richlawn is organic-based and does not contain harmful attributes

  43. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    How long after applying Pro-rich Turf food should I wait before applying a pre-emergent? Is there a crabgrass/weed preventer that you recommend?

    I recommend the corn gluten pre-emergence that is organic and converts into a fertilizer as it breaks down. This can be applied right after the Pro- Rich Turf food is used. Read and follow label directions.

  44. Rating: +3

    Positive Negative

    I am a little confused about the different products you have, especially between Richlawn Turf Food (10-2-5) and Organic 100 (5-3-2). This is for a residential lawn application, I've always used Richlawn Turf Food, however having a slower release nitrogen of Organic 100 is appealing. I'm just a little confused what I should be using on Kentucky Blue grass in the Superior, CO area. The soil (clay) is terrible and we want to continue to supplement the yard and could use some advise as to the benefits of each of these products and if I should choose to go with Ogranic 100 instead of Turf food.

    Either the RIchlawn Turf Food or Organic 100 can be used with excellent results. Both are organic based with DPW, though Richlawn Turf Food has a higher percent of nitrogen, a major nutrient that lawns need and utilize the most. If your philosophy is to 100 percent organic, then use the Organic 100. It will have to be applied more often and at higher rates to give your lawn the recommended nitrogen throughout the growing season. Core aeration is highly recommended to permit the organic components to filter down into the clay soil.

  45. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    For the last few years I have had problems with a white powdery substance on my rose bushes. It caused the leaves to wilt and there were no roses. What causes this and how do I prevent this from happening this year? Please help!

    This is a fungus disease known as powdery mildew. When severe it can cause leaves and stems to wilt and die. Prune rose bushes to provide proper air circulation as this reduces the severity of the disease. Secondly, prevent the disease with a homemade fungicide that uses baking soda and water. Refer to my book, Month By Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountains (Cool Springs Press). Check out the section on homemade remedies.

  46. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    Hi - Can you tell me some steps to revive my lawn. Here's the situation. Very small yard, very big female dog, a lot of trees and shade. Currently a mixture of green grass patches, trampled dead patches, some dandy's coming up and dry soil is showing. I'd love to seed and fertilize at the same time, this weekend. Is that possible? Thanks!

    In view of having a dog, it is possible to aerate and overseed to have the lawn fill back in. Use a quality seed mixture; Richalwn EZ Green Turf Blend would be a great alternative. Core-aerate the lawn first; the holes left from aeration make perfect lodging places for the new seed to land and germinate. Follow the seed instructions and water as recommended for the grass to establish. The dog will have to be kept off the seeded areas for a time until the grass acclimates. If you like, go ahead and fertilize with Richlawn Turf Food to get the current lawn grasses to thicken up and revive the lawn.

  47. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    Is organic compost needed to be applied to a lawn in the spring before I would apply Pro-Rich Turf Food? Or is compost not needed at all?

    If your lawn has oodles of thatch and the soil is compacted, I would recommend a good aeration and the application of compost. The holes left from aeration allow the compost to filter down into the soil and also break down the thatch by making the microorganisms work in harmony with the ecosystem. So go for it. After the topdressing, fertilize with Pro-Rich.

  48. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    I am going to cheat since I don't get up on time for the radio show and ask what we do for the weeds sneaking in thanks to our neighbors who are cultivating thousands of them. I want to send them to dandelion jail. It's just awful. You would think they would get the hint & take care of their 10 x 10 yard. It's solid yellow. Thanks to Pro Rich, our yard is stunning again this Spring. So what is safe to put on it now for the weeds? I did a pre-emergent in March then the Pro Rich last week. Don't want to burn it but if I see one more yellow critter in our yard we are moving!! Any safe organic weed killers since it's not legal to exterminate the neighbors??? Thanks for your time and wait to hear back.

    Unfortunately, dandelions are difficult to eradicate since they are perennials and seed prolifically. Organic weed killers include pre-emergent for the seeds that are derived from corn gluten. This must be applied before the seeds take flight. Spot treatment with a broadleaf weed killer will help kill the mature dandelion plants. Flaming also works, but be extremely careful if organic mulches are nearby. I wish you the best of luck; at least the bees benefit from the blossoms since they gather nectar and pollen. And please don’t spray when the bees are active!

  49. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    I was always under the impression that Richlawn fertilizer did not contain poisons. When I mentioned this to a person who was doing some general work in my back yard not long ago, he ask if I wanted him to put on fertilizer, and I said no, as I use Richlawn because of my dog, He said all lawn fertilizers contain poisons. Is this true in regards to Richlawn fertilizers?

    Richlawn fertilizers are organic based and do not have any pesticides added. You can use them with confidence as they are formulated to be safe for the environment, pets and humans.

  50. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    I have two Serviceberry clumps that diplay symptoms of stress. Both leaf out and produce blooms and berries. After that the leaves begin to turn brown like in the fall and stems then die. It's mid-May and both are already displaying these symptoms. A landscaper planted them and may not have adequately prepared the soil.

    This appears to be a soil related problem and could indicate poor drainage or other root stress. Core aeration around the root ball may be helpful and monitor watering carefully.

  51. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    I am looking for a Richlawn product which will enhance my lawn and take care of my dandelion and other related weed issue. Which product would you recommend?

    Richlawn does not offer a product that controls weeds in its fertilizers since the company is based on organic values of gardening. Herbicides and weed killers are not part of their formulas as these potentially cause harm to trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds in and around the lawn. If you have a weed problem, it is best to spot-treat areas with an environmentally friendly weed control. An organic pre-emergent to prevent weed seed germination early in the season is corn gluten.

  52. Rating: +3

    Positive Negative

    I've been using the Pro-Rich fertilizer for the last couple of years and overall I am very pleased with the results. However, my backyard looks like it has polka dots all over. Some areas of the lawn are significantly a darker green then the rest of the lawn. I'm using a Scott's spreader. Any ideas of what I', doing wrong or what I can do to correct this? Thanks for your help.

    This is very difficult to diagnose without seeing the turf areas; it could be a varietal thing with some grasses being more genetically green which causes the polka dot appearance. You might also check your fertilizer spreader to make sure it is properly calibrated and not distributing the fertilizer in uneven droplets or patterns.

  53. Rating: +3

    Positive Negative

    I put down the turf food fertilizer two weeks ago. How often should I fertilize and when do I work in Iron Rich?

    Richlawn lawn fertilizer can be applied every 4 to 5 weeks; the Iron Rich can be applied as an early summer application around the end of June.

  54. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    Do you have a natural method to trap yellow jackets? We have removed their nests.

    There are several choices of yellow jacket traps available that are safe and effective. Check your local garden center or hardware store.

  55. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    My whole lawn is not green and healthy. We did not really doing much in the way of caring for the lawn last year and we had Lawn Doctor come out to see what the problem is. We were told we have lawn mites but I am wondering about that since the neighbors on either side have really green lawns. What do you suggest. I was told about Revive. Do you know what lawn services in town uses your products? We live in Aurora near Parker.

    If your lawn was neglected over the fall and winter with the lack of fall and winter watering, it is likely that turf mites found an opportunity to attack the grass. A good aeration, application of Richlawn Turf Food and good watering practices will help your lawn to recover. The application of Revive is also a good idea as this helps improve moisture penetration. As for lawn services who apply Richlawn products, be sure to ask the various companies what they use to fertilize the lawn; for example do they use organic-based or traditional chemical fertilizers?

  56. Rating: +2

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    Can I apply seed and turf food at the same time

    For the best results I would recommend that you core aerate the lawn before broadcasting the grass seed. The holes left from aeration make excellent lodging places for the seed so it can successfully germinate. And yes, you can apply Richlawn Turf Food after seeding. Follow label directions.

  57. Rating: +2

    Positive Negative

    I purchased Gro-Rich fertilizer for my tomatoes. Is there a smaller measure I can use than "pounds per square foot" as directed on the package? Like, can I use 1/4 or 1/2 cup per plant or something like that?

    1/4 cup of Gro-Rich Garden Fertilizer spread around the plant and then watered in would be ideal.

  58. Rating: +2

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    I've been using Richlawn organic lawn fertilizer for years. I have 2 dogs now and wonder if it is harmful to pets?

    Richlawn products are perfectly safe to use if you have pets. These products are organic-based and help to improve the structure of the soil with no harmful residues. Visit the Richlawn website to learn more.

  59. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    For several years I have tried to get grass to grow in a 10'X 2' section of my lawn, including sod 3 times, seeding, over seeding and within a week of grass growing, it starts to turn yellow from the middle out until the entire section stops growing and dies. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    This is a most unusual problem and may indicate some kind of soil contaminant or high soluble salts in that particular area. Also, check to be sure that drainage is good as this can predispose lawn grasses to having problems establishing. A soil test from your locate extension service or state university may be helpful in identifying soluble salts.

  60. Rating: +0

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    How do you apply Richlawn to your lawn?

    You can use either a broadcast or drop type spreader, whichever is your preference.

  61. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in south texas. I have st.augustine grass for my lawn.I recently applied a fungicide to my lawn due to it having dollar spot.It seems to have worked but has not totally greened back up.I applied fertilizer to it prior to the fungicide. Should I re fertilize it to green it back up?

    Give the lawn time to recuperate as it begins to regrow from both fertilizer and fungicide preventative. Fertilize every 4 to 6 weeks, so for now, be patient. Monitor your watering practices so as not to overwater and water early in the day so the lawn goes into night with dry leaf blades.

  62. Rating: +0

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    What kind of mulch should I use in my vegetable garden?

    There are a variety of good materials for mulching vegetables; My favorite is wheat straw, however, dried grass clippings (from a lawn that has not treated with weed killers) is very good too. Shredded leaves and shredded wood chips are also acceptable.

  63. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    what do I need to do before I re-seed my lawn following a fungus I'm not sure what fungus I had but thought it was melting out another person thought it was some type of leaf blight, I have tried fungus control, changed my watering habits, let it completely dry out but it keeps spreading and I am seeing it all around this area.

    Good soil preparation is the key to a successful lawn; incorporate a good source of organic matter to a depth of 4 inches or more and grade the area. The next step is to select a blend of disease-resistant varieties and re-seed in early fall; it is too hot now. Proper watering is essential for the establishment of a newly seeded lawn. Richlawn EZ Seed is a nice blend, and was formulated for our Colorado soil conditions.

  64. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We applied Pro-Rich Lawn Food in early-May and again in late June. The lawn gets plenty of water but is turning grey and brown like it is drying out. Much of the lawn is also going to seed. Could both be caused by the Pro-Rich Lawn Food?

    It is extremely unlikely that the organic-based fertilizer caused any problem; the symptoms of gray and browning of the lawn indicate drought stress. Be sure to water your lawn deeply on the watering day so it penetrates to a depth of 4-inches. This may require a two-cycle watering period of 15 to 20 minutes for each area. Then allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings to encourage a deep, healthy root system. It is normal for cool season grasses to produce seed heads at this time of year.

  65. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Hi I planted new seeds on new topsoil about 3 weeks ago How long do I have to wait u it'll I can let my child and dog go on the new grass?

    The grass should be allowed to develop a strong root system and be mowed, at least once, when it reaches 3 to 3 -1/2 -inches tall. Once it begins to feel like a thicker turf, then it is time to allow foot traffic and pet activity. As for a time line; a newly seeded lawn needs to become somewhat established after a period of six to 10 weeks. Be patient, allowing a strong top and root growth is worth the wait.

  66. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in Naples, Florida and my lawn is floratam. I am experiencing an issue with thatch. Can you suggest an organic product that would encourage the decomposition of thatch and also contribute to a healthy attractive lawn? Also, are your products available in this area ?

    Thatch is the layer of undecomposed leaf blades, stolons, roots, and crowns intermingled with soil. Leaving mowing clippings on the lawn does not cause thatch because clippings are readily broken down by microbes in the soil. Thatch development is greatest in grass that is overfertilized or overwatered. An excessive thatch layer reduces water penetration and can bind up fertilizer or pesticides. In severe cases, roots may be seen actually growing aboveground and rooting into the thatch layer. This is a very unhealthy condition and leaves the lawn vulnerable to many stresses. Thatch layers can develop in St. Augustinegrass, especially when fertilization or irrigation rates are high. If the thatch layer exceeds 1 inch, it may be removed by vertical mowing, or "verticutting," in early spring to midsummer. Verticutting uses vertical blades that slice through the thatch and slightly into the soil, resulting in much of the dead material being removed from the top of the lawn. A 3-inch spacing between the dethatching blades is best for St. Augustinegrass. Caution: Vertical mowing may result in damaged turf that requires a period of recuperation. Do not attempt vertical mowing unless the grass is actively growing. Verticut should be done in an east to west or north to south pattern, but not in all four directions. Debris should be removed by raking, sweeping, or vacuuming, followed by a conventional mowing to improve turf appearance and immediate irrigation to prevent root zone dehydration. One week after vertical mowing, fertilizer should be applied at the rate of 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet to encourage recovery. This material must be watered into the soil immediately following application to prevent plant burn. Periodic topdressing (adding a uniform layer of soil on top of the grass) with ¼ inch of soil similar to that underlying the turf is the best method to alleviate thatch accumulation; however, the physical labor required limits the practicality of this method for most homeowners. If topdressing, be sure to use soil that is free of weed seeds and nematodes and be careful not to exceed recommended topdressing rates, as this encourages large (brown) patch disease.
    At this time, Richlawn products are not available in Florida.

  67. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    my tomatoe plants were doing fine until about 2 weeks ago. all of a sudden some of them started turning yellow and the leaves look dry. i water them well in the morning and in the late after noon with a lite watering at midday. i added eko compost before planting. As I was planting I used some root stimulator,limestone and 5-10-5 fertilizer. I looked for tomatoe caterpillars and i havent seen any. What am I doing wrong? thank you very much for the advice. Great job!!!

    Sounds like you're killing your tomatoes with too much TLC. They prefer deep watering every few days when it's hot and dry, not three times a day. Limestone is not needed in our Colorado soils as it increases alkalinity and prevents nutrient uptake. Also, mulch around the plants to maintain uniform moisture and reduce the frequency of watering. Organic mulches will also stabilize soil temperatures and make the plants more productive.

  68. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I've been using Richlawn for several yrs. Do I need to use a different kind for different seasons? I usually use the Turf Food all yr. I live in Arvada. My lawn was cut too short by a mowing service, but now I mow it myself. Most of it, is very healthy and green, but one part, has never done well. I had it rototilled, with compost and peat and planted expensive seed. It never has done well and has many brown, empty spots. Is there something else I need to do with it? My older, non-rototilled lawn, looks great and I only water it once per week, per recommendations of plant Drs on TV. Thank you.

    You might want to aerate your lawn this fall. That can help improve the conditions in the area you are having difficulties with. Right after aeration, use Richlawn Winterizer. Some of the fertilizer pellets will work their way down in to the aeration holes which is a great benefit.

  69. Rating: +0

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    I have all kinds of weeds in my grass. How can I get rid of them and why are there so many?

    You should identify what kind of weeds are invading your lawn before a proper treatment can be recommended. Management practices including mowing, fertilizing and watering have a big impact on preventing and reducing weed invasions. If your lawn is watered too frequently and shallow, weeds will invade; mowing the lawn too short will encourage weeds; lack of proper nutrients, particularly nitrogen can make lawns weak and make the lawn more open to weeds. Seeds blow in from the wind, some are brought in by animals, while some seeds can be introduced through irrigation water (if you utilize ditch water). To control weeds culturally, dig or pull them out before they go to seed. For chemical controls; use a herbicide labeled for the specific weed problems in your lawn. Always read and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

  70. Rating: +1

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    What is corn gluten

    Corn gluten is the by-product of corn processing for starch and is used for livestock and wildlife feed. It is very effective as an organic alternative for weed prevention in home lawns and vegetable gardening. As it breaks down it will release nitrogen to the surrounding plants.

  71. Rating: -2

    Positive Negative

    Just had the lawn aerated and put down some Revive. I am planning on a complete lawn weed spay using a Bayer weed killer and also using your Turf food and then seed, my question is which order should I do the Weed killer, Turf food and Seed?"

    This will depend on what the "weed killer" contains; if it has a pre-emergent control, you cannot seed as the chemical will prevent grass seed germination. If it is a broadleaf weed killer, then apply the control, wait a week to ten days, and then seed. With some weed killers you cannot water for a day, so wait to apply the Turf Food after following directions on the weed killer package directions.

  72. Rating: +1

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    When and what type of Richlawn should I apply to prevent crabgrass?

    Because our products are all organic or organic-based, we don't use any pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds or grasses. Our philosophy is to build and thicken the turf through proper fertilization and cultural practices. That will choke out 90% of encroaching weeds and undesirable grasses.

  73. Rating: -1

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    We are seeing wild mushrooms sprout up where we dug up some old tree roots. WE did not get them all. Is there a way to get rid of the mushrooms?

    It is very common for mushrooms to develop where tree roots are in the decomposing process. The most reliable way, but somewhat time consuming, to rid the mushrooms is to use the back end of a garden rake and break them off. The mushrooms will dry up; however, more will appear as the roots continue to rot. There are no chemical treatments warranted.

  74. Rating: +0

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    I have great looking pumpkin plants, but no blossoms What is wrong?

    Give the pumpkin plant more time and blossoms will follow; first there are male flowers, followed by the females which will have a small pumpkin at the blossom end. Hopefully you will have lots of pollinators like honeybees around to pollinate the flowers. Warm temps, deep watering (avoid overhead watering), mulching are important to growing a good crop of pumpkins.

  75. Rating: -1

    Positive Negative

    In the last week my tomato plants receiced 4 inches of rain in a 3 day period. After that they started wilting. A couple of them have perked back up but only during the night. When the sun hits them they droop & wilt. Is there anything I can add to the soil to help them? Can I trim the wilted in hopes of the success of reviving it? Does epsom salt have any benefit or danger to the tomato plants?

    This is not likely a problem with moisture if your soil drains properly. However, check soil around the plant with a trowel and if is soaked, lightly cultivate to add some air. Be careful when cultivating not to damage the surface roots. It is normal for tomatoes to wilt in full sun and high heat. As long as the plants recover in evening don't worry. It's too late for epsom salts, I use it at planting time in the planting holes.

  76. Rating: +0

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    I was told that applying peatmoss on top of my grass in the spring would prevent the lawn from burning in the summer heat. Is this true? If it is how much should I apply?

    Peat moss alone will not prevent your lawn from burning up in the summer heat; WATER is the key. Peat moss is a soil amendment and works best when applied after a core-aeration of the lawn. The peat moss will infiltrate into the soil and help to retain soil moisture.

  77. Rating: +0

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    My neighbor has a huge Sumac in her yard and I have so many suckers in my grass. How do I get rid of them?

    Unfortunately these are very difficult to control as sumacs have a rhizomatous root system that can send up suckers where ever the roots explore. The best and most effective way to eliminate the suckers is to dig them out below soil level and try to strip out as much of the rhizome root as possible. Chemical treatments are not effective and not warranted.

  78. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I have your "Gardening in Idaho" book and have appreciated all the information in it. I planted new lawn after the 15th of September. I have shade trees and my soil is spread out basement dirt. This is the 2nd time I have restarted the lawn. I redid it several years ago. I had so many bare spots, that I had it rototilled up with peat moss and topsoil added. I just raked the leaves off the yard and the grass is just up enough to give a green tinge to the ground. Some of it came up thicker because I couldn't get my spreader to work, so I hand sowed. I planted shade grass. Should I just ignore the lawn and wait and reseed part of it in the spring? Maybe I should cover it with something to protect the tender grass. I live in southern Idaho. Thanks

    The best thing you can do for your newly planted grass is to water over the winter months during dry periods. I would not recommend covering it with anything. In the spring, use an organic or organic-based fertilizer to encourage new growth.

  79. Rating: +0

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    I have vines that are growing over my trees in the yard. They have small leaves and berries about the size of small peas. I was trimming my trees and the neighbor said they were poisionous to touch like poison ivy. I have searched but can't find what kind they are. Help

    It is difficult to impossible to identify the vine without a good photo or sample to observe first hand. I can only provide an educated guess that it might be nightshade or a form of Virginia Creeper. In either case, it would be helpful to take a sample to a reputable garden center or your local cooperative extension service for identification.

  80. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I live in South Texas and I have a row of Viburnim shrubs, that were healthy now are dying. Over 6 months I used Round Up in the Alley behind them. I kept my sprayer against the ground to prevent any drift. But some think I contaminated the soil and killed the shrubs. If that is true, how can I treat the soil for re-planting.

    Roundup works by being absorbed in to chlorophyll, which is the green part of plants, leaves etc. It has no effect at all on soil. If you suspect soil contamination a soil test would be a good way to find what is causing your plants to suffer. If you had contacted them with Roundup, you would have seen immediate damage.

  81. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We live in Spokane Washington and after the snow melted this year, there was a large brown spot in the back yard that has now spread to different areas of the lawn and 70% of the lawn is now covered in large brown spots and looks completely dead. (looks like straw when you rake through it) We had a lawn service over today to spray for weeds and they said it looks like necrotic ring and the back yard might never come back. The spots are far too large to dig out and I'm wondering if it would be better to have the lawn power raked out by a professional and have new top soil brought in and start over? The soil in our neighborhood is horrible and the development was built over an old grocery store back from the 60's. If you do any planting in the yard, you don't have to dig down very far to hit broken up pieces of concrete. My question is, since it has spread to so much of the yard are we better off power raking and then trying core aeration and adding new soil, or trying to fix the mess that is out there now? The front yard has a few spots but those can be cut out but I'm concerned the back yard will continue to spread to the front yard as well. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

    Your lawn problems may not be related to turf diseases, but rather to the soil underfoot. Based on the fact that there is lots of concrete and other debris on which the lawn was planted, you should have a soil test. As construction materials break down many can release substances that are harmful to plant growth.
    Contact your local Extension office or State University to obtain soil test info. The degradation of the concrete can leach toxic substances to kill the roots. Even if you try to plant new grass by seed or sod, problems can reoccur shortly when the roots reach the level of toxins. Remember, the key to successful lawns and gardens is a well-drained, healthy soil.

  82. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Nature's Yield Outdoor soil is the best for potted outdoor plants. Unfortunately I did not add it to my Arborvitae's. I had my lawn service plant 5 nice 4' tall green shrubs in early April. I watered them a few times and tried to brush the late snow off the branches. Most of them have turned a reddish-brown as of mid-May. The garden service did not appear to add any soil supplements and when I recently tested the soil under the wood chip mulch with my hand and it had lots of clay. Can you suggest how I might return these shrubs to vibrant health?

    Arborvitae are difficult to establish in our region and if they did not get the right start, it is likely that they did not withstand the winter. Either winter dehydration and other soil factors may mean you will need to replace these evergreens or choose an evergreen of more suitable hardiness for your growing site. Be sure to supplement the soil with Eko Compost prior to planting. Clay soils need amending to improve drainage, nutrient availability and promote root growth.

  83. Rating: +0

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    Suggestions...? I believe my lawn began to show signs of a fungus late last summer. What should I apply this spring? Thank you for your help!!

    Not knowing what kind of fungus attacked your lawn, or if the lawn was really infected, I would not recommend any kind of disease treatment at this time. Instead, invest in having the lawn core-aerated; once this is accomplished you can overseed with a quality, disease-resistant grass mixture to fill in the thin spots. This would also be a good time to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn food to help the lawn begin the spring growth cycle.
    The key to a healthy and disease-resistant lawn is grass that grows vigorously, thick and develops a deep root system.

  84. Rating: +0

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    Is your Richlawn lawn fertilizer more effective if it's applied right after mowing, or if applied before mowing-in Aug.-Sept.?

    The most effective way to apply Richlawn organic-based fertilizers is after core-aeration and after mowing; aeration opens pores in the soil that permit the nutrients to get to the actively growing root system; after mowing so it can be watered in thoroughly to move it down to the root zone. This returns longer term benefits from the late summer and fall applications.

  85. Rating: +0

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    my lawn is loaded with mushrooms. i had a homemade recipe last year that worked very well but i can't find it. any suggestions

    The most practical way to control mushrooms is to break them off with the back end of the rake. High organic matter in the soil and available moisture will cause more mushroom growth, so monitor your watering practices to prevent excessive mushroom development. Core-aeration early in the season and again in the early autumn will improve air circulation and reduce this problem.

  86. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    Hi, I live in Oregon and it is March 13th. My entire front and back yard is completely dead with brown crispy thatch all over the top. I believe it is the fungus "brown patch". There are a few very small green patches left to the yard. Do you believe this is the disease? Also, if I power rake the lawn and put new seed down, do I use a fungicide before or after laying the new seed?

    It is more likely that your lawn is suffering from yellow patch rather than brown patch.(Brown patch is more common during humid, hot weather.) Yellow patch occurs in the cool season with prolonged periods of leaf wetness, poor water drainage, overfertilization, and thatch accumulation. You can confirm this with your local University Extension office by submitting a sample to them for diagnosis.
    IN any case, it would be prudent to remove thatch and mat accumulation by power raking and core-aeration. The crowns and root of the grass should still be alive, so be careful about the de-thatching as it can rip out the crowns if set to deep.Set the dethatcher just to remove the surface clippings and dead leaves. CORE-AERATION removes plugs and breaks through the thatch to allow better drainage and oxygen to the growing roots and crowns. You should not have to apply any fungicides; but get the disease identified for confirmation.
    Once this accomplished, you can overseed with a blend of grasses suited to your area. Select disease-resistant varieties to keep diseases at bay.

  87. Rating: +0

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    We have a beautiful 30-year old Linden tree about 8' north of our driveway. It gets sun many hours of the day. The roots are tearing up our driveway and garage foundation. What are my options including, if it has to be removed, what could we replace it with?

    Considering the problem, the best choice is to replace this tree with a smaller, ornamental tree that will not develop shallow roots. The shallow, offending roots will have to go to by stripping and digging them out so concrete damage is mitigated. If you decide to go with a larger tree, consider spacing it at least 20 feet from the driveway or walkways.
    There are several good ornamental trees including the Hawthorn species, fruitless ornamental pears, Autumn Purple Ash, and others. Please refer to my book, Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

  88. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I was told that applying peatmoss on top of my grass in the spring would prevent the lawn from burning in the summer heat. Is this true? If it is how much should I apply?

    This is an old practice from years ago. It is a good idea to add top dressing to an existing lawn in the spring after an aeration, but that is the only method that is truly helpful. A good program of fertilization with Richlawn Pro-Rich or Richlawn Turf Food will benefit your lawn far more, and will also improve your soil by adding organic matter that will work its way down to the roots of the turf grass.

  89. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    So nice to hear you on the radio. I am looking for a tree that I have seen around town. In the spring it has beautiful fragrant blooms, then the leaves turn light green in summer and in the fall they turn almost a deep mahogany. Any ideas? thank you so much

    This tree could be a Mayday tree, ornamental crabapple, or even a flowering plum. It would be best to attach a photo of the flowers and foliage so I can make a more accurate identification.

  90. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have to replant some areas that were diseased. I was planning on doing it next week. What fertilzer should i use for the fall that will not hurt this seeding?

    You could use either Richlawn Turf Food, or Pro-Rich at the same time you seed. Both are high in organic matter which will improve your soil. Be sure to keep your seed moist until germination, which should occur in 7-10 days depending on which variety you used.

  91. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What type of bush or plant can I used to make a topiary I have a steel frame of a deer feet to antlers are five and half high needs to withstand lots of trimming the area is in full sun lots of wind I live in the parker co. have listen to you over the years happy there is a way to ask you questions,

    This may be a challenge in Parker due to wind and heat, but worth a try. The most traditional plant to use for this steel frame would be boxwoods (Buxus species), but your climate presents a challenge. Otherwise, I might suggest you try climbing honeysuckle varieties listed in the Rocky Mountain Gardener's handbook or guide, training it throughout the frame and pruning as needed. These are very tolerant of heavy pruning and more tolerant of winds and sun. It would be too difficult to try using an evergreen like Italian cypress because of the exposure and wind.
    Keep me informed if you get a suitable plant to train for this topiary deer.

  92. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    After moving into our Colorado Springs about 2 years ago, we have pretty much successfully "revived" a lawn that our agent had pronounces as "beyond hope". I think soil conditions here call for me to transition to an organic fertilizer. The yard is sandy and grass is probably a mix of blue grass and fescue. It has not been fertilized in the last couple of months. It is early September as I write this. Can you give me a quick guide as to when and what to apply?

    First of all, congratulations on your perseverance and re-vitalizing your lawn. I will be happy to add you to our email reminder list for future fertilizations, but in the meantime, September is a great time to aerate and fertilize to help the lawn build a strong root system to survive winter's harsh conditions. I would recommend that you use Richlawn Winterizer now, and again at the end of October. Your lawn will stay green longer in to fall and green up earlier in the spring. It can be found at Home Depot and Lowe's in Colorado Springs.

  93. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    Lawn has had plenty of water and professional turf management program. Last year was very dry and had a lot of brown grass. Now after mowing I see large areas of brown grass in with the green grass. It is brown from tip to top of root. Is this thatch or something else? Kentuckey Blue in northern IL

    Bluegrass lawns that are growing fast and thick will typically have some grass that is browning as the turf grasses slough the older grass plants. However, if this is excessive, it may be the start of a fungus. You should have your professional lawn care company conduct a diagnosis or consult with your local county/state extension service.

  94. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Dear Mr. Cretti: In the last month or so my lawn has become a litter box for a cat(s)or dog(s). Do you have a suggestion of what I can put on the lawn to get rid of the problem? I tried 2 products from Home Depot that were supposed to do the trick, with no luck. Thanks! P.S. I have two of your books that you kindly signed for me. Great resources.

    Unfortunately, there is no magic elixir that will prevent stray pets from using your landscape as a litter box. The permanent solution is to fence off the areas or use a motion detector sprinkler that will come on when the unleashed pets enter the areas. There is one product on the market call the Scare Crow that may prove very useful. Good luck and happy gardening in the Rockies.

  95. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in Northwest Louisiana and have planted a moon flower plant. It is planted in full sunlight in fairly sandy soil. It has grown quickly but I now see one or two brown spots on almost every leaf. Not sure how to treat the plant to get rid of the brown spots. Thanks for the help. Joe

    What you are describing sounds like a fungal disease. This is not uncommon in your part of the country. My best advise would be for you to take a couple of the affected leaves in to a garden center in your are for a closer examination. They could recommend the best method of control.

  96. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I recently laid new bluegrass sod and want to know which of your products to use as a starter fertilizer. Thanks.

    Because of their organic components, any of our fertilizers are safe to use on new turf. Because of the added iron, and the time of year, I would recommend Pro-Rich which is available at all independent garden centers and many ACE Hardware stores on the Colorado front range. Thanks for your note, and your interest in our products.

  97. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I lay a light layer of pine straw over my centipede grass in the fall after the grass goes dormant and burn it am I helping my yard or hurting it? I have done this for the past couple seasons and I have very few weeds and thick lush grass but I keeping reading this can increase the ph balance of my soil and hurt the growth??

    The practice of burning prior to the next growing season is not new. It is still done, but most commonly around ditch banks and such in the spring before new growth begins. There are two schools of thought on this one; One says you are eliminating the dead growth from this year, potentially killing any weed seeds that are close to the surface, and by doing that, encouraging new growth for next season. The other says by burning, you are adding a layer of ash which is very highly alkaline and if it is thick enough, can repel water. My recommendation would be to not do it every year to avoid those potential issues, Good cultural practices will provide as much or more benefits than burning will.

  98. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I've had some trees cut down on my property & now have some stumps to deal with. The landscaper said we could cover them with a dirt berm & mulch & replant with evergreens. Will that prevent my mix of cottonwoods & poplars from sending out new shoots? Also, a couple of trees were outside where the new berm will be, is there an effective product to paint on them to prevent sprouting, or to rot them out? Thanks so much for your help.

    The best solution is to have the stumps removed by grinding or digging them out. If the trees that were removed are in the cottonwood/poplar family, merely covering them with soil will NOT stop future suckering, nor will it create a good environment for new plants to grow successfully.
    You can apply a water-soluble broadleaf weed killer to the freshly cut stumps, being careful not to get any on surrounding plants you wish to keep. Follow label directions carefully.
    There is no quick fix to this situation, so consider you options thoughtfully.
    Good luck.

  99. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have an ash tree about 15 yrs old. One of its roots is coming to the surface of the lawn and runs the length of my small yard to the driveway. Is this normal or is the tree lacking something?

    It is very normal for a maturing ash tree to develop shallow roots in lawn areas. This is due in part to the types of soil we have in the Rocky Mountain region and watering practices. You can remedy this problem by topdressing with good topsoil or Richlawn's EKO Topdressing. Cover the shallow roots with no more than 1/2-inch of topdressing as you don't want to suffocate the turf. Do not cut or prune these roots as they are the lifeline of the tree.

  100. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I Have a nasty weed that is spreading more each year. I took a sample to a lawn and gardening shop about 2 years ago and they said it was a problematic weed and that nothing gets rid of it. I am hoping now 2 years later, perhaps something has been developed. It is very low growing, has 3 heart shaped leaves, purplish/brown in color and produces a yellow flower. Any suggestions on how to control as it has already taken over our side yard?

    From your description this weed is likely black medic and it is very difficult to control. However, with persistence you can manage the problem. One strategy is to apply a pre-emergent now and again in the spring to prevent the weed seeds from germinating. An organic product is a product with corn gluten; dig or pull any mature plants after a good rain or watering and dispose in the garbage. If you desire to spray, a herbicide that contains dicamba will do a relatively good job, but this chemical can harm the roots of trees, shrubs and other ornamentals, so follow label directions exactly.
    Good luck and happy gardening in the Rockies!

  101. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    There is a gray layer under the soil of my lawn. Lawn is dying. When start to dig lawn up, you can pull the grass back about 6 inches down it is gray thin layer of something, looks like a fungus to myself and my garden erpert at the nursery. I don't know if it is bad or good. how to treat it? I live in central California. Summer are hot 90's most of summer winters mild.

    From your description, it is likely a soil mold that is common in soils with higher organic content and environmental conditions that favor the development of the mold. It is generally not harmful, but can impede plant growth since the fungi dry out the soil and reduce plant root growth.
    It can be controlled by digging these areas out; place infected soil on a tarp and expose the fungi, allow heat and the sun to kill the spores, (allow a day or two of full sun); then return the soil to the garden. (Take precautions to wear a allergy mask if you are sensitive to mold spores.) Another approach is to dig out these infected areas, dispose the infected soil, and replace with clean garden soil.
    Treatment with fungicides is generally not warranted nor practical.

  102. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    John, It was great to hear you on the radio this past weekend. We all miss you over on this side of the mountain but I know how fantastic it is living in Delta County. It is now spring of 2014 and I have some questions that I need answered before I attempt to seed my lawn: 1) I failed to put down a pre-emergent this spring (just too many other things going on) and now I have weeds growing up in the lawn area. Would it be okay at this point to spray the weeds with ROUNDUP so that they are not in competition with the newly planted grass? 2) If I do spray the weeds, how long should I wait before I seed the lawn? 3) I have access to a Bluebird grass seeder and thus I can place the grass seed below the ground surface. How deep should I plant the seed? 4) After planting the seed, do you know how long it should take before I will see grass growth in the lawn area? 5) How long should I wait after the new lawn comes up before I fertilize it? 6) What kind of fertilizer should I utilize? 7) How long after the new lawn comes up should I mow the lawn and what height should I mow it? 8) After planting the seed, I will be watering the lawn 3 times a day in order to keep the seed moist. How long should I water the lawn this way before I switch to a more infrequent watering schedule?

    1)It is too late to use a pre-emergent and it would inhibit the bluegrass seed from germinating and growing. Yes, Roundup is a good choice to kill all growing weeds without contaminating the soil; 2) wait for at least 10 to 14 days after application to make sure the weeds are dead, roots and all. 3) Grass seed needs light to germinate so don't plant too deep, just at the surface, I prefer to rake it in and cover with a light mulch of clean straw to keep it from blowing away and to hold in moisture. 4) the grass seed will take 10 days or more to germinate if the soil is 50 degrees or more so be patient 5)Allow the lawn to grow to 3 inches or more before mowing; 5)You can apply a starter fertilizer at time of planting by incorporating it into the soil; fertilize with regular lawn fertilizer after the first mowing. 6 -7)Use a slow-release, low nitrogen like the Richlawn products formulated for our soil and region.
    8) Once the lawn grass is up and growing, you can wean the watering to every other day or more, depending on growing conditions and the weather. Water more deeply and less frequently.

    Good luck and I would recommend you pick up a copy of the Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook ( Cool Springs Press) which would answer most of your questions. I'm sure you will have many, many more.

  103. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    FOR FALL fertilizing -applicating with a scotts 1000 the fertilizer is organic 1000 5-3-2.what is the setting for the scotts 1000?

    The best way to achieve uniform application is to open your spreader to 50% of its maximum while it is empty. Close it and add your fertilizer then open it to the appropriate number.
    Thanks for your note, and your interest in our products.

  104. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    What organic material should be used before laying sod? Ref. Question #114

    The most used, and most available organic product used before laying sod is compost. The reason to amend soil prior to putting down sod is simply to improve the soil to give the new roots an opportunity to develop and thicken. No reason to add anything with fertilizer in it at this point. Be sure to use Richlawn Turf Food or Pro-Rich Turf Food after application.

  105. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in North East Denver. Would Rich lawn EZ green be a good choice for a lawn that has been dead from overgrown tree growth and shade. The piece of lawn that I am wishing to read grow gets the most sun from the SW. I've have the trees trimmed way back last fall. So there should be lots of sunshine for new seed growth. With this be the best product for me, or can you recommend another?

    EZ Green seed was formulated for our area, and would be a great choice for what you're describing. April and May are excellent for planting grass seed.

  106. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    planted a new lawn late fall, now after much heavy snow, and straw what should I do?

    Depending on when in the fall you planted the lawn, it should be fairly well established by now. I would recommend that you aerate this spring, and directly after, put down an application of Richlawn Pro-Rich or Richlawn Turf Food as your first application of the year. Follow up with an application about every 6-7 weeks throughout the growing season. You'll have the best lawn in the neighborhood!!

  107. Rating: -1

    Positive Negative

    Is your fertilizer safe to use around dogs?

    Richlawn fertilizers are organic-based and when used as directed by the label, they are pet-friendly as well as environmentally sound.

  108. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I'm interested in doing my own fertilization this year. Overwhelmed with how to proceed. Will you assist me which of your products should be used when? And do you have to have a specific spreader? Which to you recommend? Broadcast or drop? Thanks so much.

    I would recommend our Pro-Rich Turf Food. It has a higher nitrogen content which is ideal to get the lawn off to a healthy start. We have a fertilizer reminder that we send out over the season as the time comes for the next application. You can sign up for it on our website. As to the spreader, the type whether it is a drop or broadcast doesn't really matter. It's just a matter of personal preference. Thanks for your note!!

  109. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    I recently purchased 2 bags of EKO Premium Lawn Top Dressing from a top lawn & garden store in Denver. The sales person said that I should use a broadcast spreader to distribute the dressing on top of my lawn at 1/4" rate. I purchased a "Sta-Green" broadcast spreader at Home Depot. But very little comes out of the bottom of the spreader... it keeps clogging. The only way I can get it to spread (sometimes) is to fill the spreader only 1/4 full and then keep prodding the compost with a stick while I try to push the spreader. This just doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? How do I spread your product on an established lawn?

    Because EKO Top Dressing is not a granulated product like fertilizer, the spreader opening must be wider. I would recommend that you set the spreader to about 75% of it's maximum opening. That should provide adequate coverage of the product.

  110. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I just planted your E-Z Green Colorado Premium Turf Blend, how tall should the grass be before the first cutting?

    Once the grass has germinated and starts to fill in, let it grow to a height of 3 inches or more, then carefully mow to remove only one-third of the grass leaf blades ( the height of the lawn should be around 2- 1/2 to 3 inches tall). This will also mow any annual weeds that often accompany a newly seeded lawn. At each mowing it is important to only remove one-third of the leaf blade to avoid stressing the grass. During the growing season it will start to thicken and develop into a nice, uniform lawn.

  111. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    what warning do you have for pets using your organic turf food? The warning label was damaged.So couldn't read it.

    Because of the organic nature, pets may be attracted to it. If they consume large quantities of the product they may become sick.

  112. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I just put sod down 2 days ago. How often should I water. When should I fertilize?

    New sod should be watered daily for the first few weeks until it is well anchored down with strong roots. Fertilizer can be applied after the sod is rooted in and follow the seasonal fertilizing schedule as you would with an established lawn. The Richlawn products are ideal for this purpose with their organic components.

  113. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Is your "Iron Rich" product safe for use with newly seeded lawns?

    There is nothing in Iron-Rich that would be detrimental for newly seeded lawns, Richlawn Organic 5-3-2 would be a better choice however. The nitrogen contained in it is 100% organic, and is slightly higher than that contained in Iron-Rich. Iron-Rich would be better to use once your grass is up as a fertilizer supplement this summer in the heat.

  114. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I love Richlawn Turf Food and use it 4 times a year. My grass is due for it's first feeding and it's too early to turn on the sprinkler system. If I put down the Turf Food around 5 pm and it doesn't start raining/snowing until 7 am the next day, will the Turf Food burn my turf?

    No. It could remain on your lawn for several days before receiving water and it would not burn. The organic components we use are very safe.

  115. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Do any of your lawn fertilizers include weed prevention capabilities? Specifically those fertilizations in the spring.

    Richlawn fertilizers do not include weed control. However, there is an organic alternative to chemical sprays for weed control. It is found in organic weed control products that contain corn gluten a byproduct of corn. It works by preventing annual weeds from germinating. Timing is important to have effective control; it must be applied before the weed seeds start to sprout.

  116. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have 3 small dogs and lots of weeds in my back yard. How can I get rid of the weeds without harming my tiny dogs.

    The safest way to get rid of the weeds, either broadleaf or grassy weeds, is to dig them out when they start appearing in the thin areas of the lawn.Your best defense against weeds is to keep your lawn well fertilized and growing thick so the lawn will resist weed invasions. To prevent annual weeds from germinating in the lawn( such as crabgrass, spurge, goosegrass, etc.) you can safely apply products that contain corn gluten which is a natural weed preventer. It is safe to use when pets occupy the yard and breaks down into a fertilizer.
    Good luck.

  117. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have an ivy fan fare plus, I believe the reason i say I beleive is because we just bought this house last year and this is my first year caring for these plants/ivy's. Any ways my ivy is yellow the leaves are all dried up the stems/branches are brittle, my question is; is there any way to save it? its right in our entry way and looked very beautiful last year when it was in bloom, so i dont know should i just cut it all down?

    Some ivy varieties are not fully hardy in our region and subject to "winter kill". However, they can recover and regrow from the basal stems that survive or produce new growth from the crown. Prune out the dead, and brittle stems to clean up the appearance and allow for more light. Water the vine as needed. When it resumes growth, you can safely apply a complete, well-balanced fertilizer.

  118. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I've seen it advertised that if you mix Epsom Salts with vinegar and dish soap, it is a very good weed killer. And yet, I've also read that Epsom Salts is good for greening up plants. How can this be?

    Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is often used in small amounts for a fertilizer supplement, but when combined with vinegar, then it acts differently as a concoction to kill plants. My grandmother used a tablespoon for each tomato plant she planted. She added it into the planting hole as she set the plants.

  119. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have annual bluegrass making for an unsightly lawn. Do you have any pre-emergent products to help contain it? Is it too late to treat it now that we're in the month of June?

    It is too late to use a pre emergent for annual bluegrass once it has germinated and started to invade. Your best defense it to keep your lawn thick to choke out invasions of this weedy grass. Mow the lawn higher, to a height of 2 1/2 to 3-inches. Avoid light, frequent watering. Dig out the clumps of annual bluegrass and resod. Next spring, if you desire, you can apply a pre-emergent around mid-to late-April.

  120. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have pine trees in my buffer the pine needles fall on my grass and thins the grass out what should I do?

    As pine trees mature, needle-drop is a natural process and the shade and accumulation of needles will thin lawn grasses. You can rake up the excess needles to allow more light to the lawn grasses. However, some grasses will not adapt to this and will eventually die out. You can decide to live with this natural phenomena or you can try over- seeding with a shade tolerant grass such as Chewing's or Red fescue.

  121. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I recently moved to the Denver area from Michigan. I have always been a Scott's fertilizer, but some of my neighbors told me I should switch to your Richlawn Pro-Rich. Why should I do that?

    Because our soils are very different than other parts of the U.S., more alkaline and lacking in organic matter, fertilizers can make a difference in how plants respond. National brands are okay, but lack some of the micronutrients that are needed in our regional soil conditions. Richlawn fertilizers are formulated for the Rocky Mountain Region, plus they are organic-based and overall will help improve the structure of our alkaline, clay soils.

  122. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    removed five huge evergreen shrubs from the west side of my house in Aurora. I would like to replace with dwarf type evergreen trees. What would you recommend. Thank You

    There are several choices of evergreens that grow slowly and can be maintained in small stature; it will depend on your landscape budget. Among my favorites is the Bristlecone pine; another is Mugo pine (the dwarf cultivars); the dwarf cultivars of spruce with variations in color and form; and Arborvitae in globe, pyramidal, or columnar forms. You can read more about these suggestions in The Rocky Mountain Gardener's Handbook (Cool Springs Press). Research them ahead of time so you make the right choice for location, soil, and moisture requirements.

  123. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in Highlands Ranch CO and have many junipers that are golden brown with no green. Are they dead, or will they green up? My neighborhood is full of what appear to be dead junipers.

    Junipers that are golden brown at this time of year may have suffered severe drought damage or a combination of freeze damage last November combined with lack of winter moisture. If the branches are still flexible with green buds, allow them more time to produce new growth which will eventually mask the brown/tan coloration. Be sure to deep water these evergreens every few weeks to encourage a strong and drought tolerant root system. If the stems are brittle, it's time to consider replacement.

  124. Rating: +0

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    My tea rose bushes are dry with no buds, leaves, quite old. Should I remove the dead wood? Some new growth at roots. Kathy in Casper, Wy

    Hybrid tea roses will eventually decline over many years and are subject to severe winter kill if they lack winter moisture; the past November cold snap could have inflicted severe damage particularly if the bushes were not acclimated for the onset of cold. If there are no new buds at or above the graft union, it is time to replace these bushes with new ones. Growth at the roots or below the graft union will yield a rose that is not the original variety. Good luck.

  125. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What is wrong with my junipers and cherry trees?

    There are many factors that can cause problems to cherry trees and junipers. Among the most common are environmental conditions that we experienced last fall, particularly in November when a very sudden cold snap caused a freeze/dehydration to a wide variety of landscape plants. If possible, please provide more information and/or a photo so we can see the symptoms and arrive at a better answer to your concerns.

  126. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Last year I had hornets?/wasps?/yellow jackets? build their hive in my retaining wall between the stones. I sprayed wasp and hornet spray into the hole several times to no avail. What can I do to keep them from coming back to this same place this year?

    Wasps can be repelled with a homemade peppermint spray; mix one tablespoon of peppermint oil in a quart of water. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and apply to areas that the wasps are nesting. This should be done in the evening or early morning when they are more docile. Hopefully, this will help to discourage these pests. You may also trap them using wasp traps. Remember that wasp species, for the most part, are beneficial as they help in pollination and are predators of harmful insects.

  127. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What is the best way to get rid of wild strawberries in my lawn. They are in a shady area that is more moist than other areas and are spreading like crazy. I use Richlawn fertilizers and do not use a week killer. I live in Arvada Colorado.

    While wild strawberries make a great ground cover, but they can invade the lawn. You might consider containing them with a edging or barrier which separates them from the good lawn. The little berries are great for jam or snacking. Otherwise, you will need to kill them. Since they are broadleaf plants, you can spot-treat the invading plants with a broadleaf weed killer. Be careful and follow label directions. If you prefer NOT to use a weed killer, dig out the plants after a good rain or watering of the lawn. Good luck.

  128. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We live in Spokane, WA and killed off our front lawn this summer planning to plant in the fall. Sept. came in cold and now it will soon be the beginning of Oct., is it too late to seed a new lawn or should we wait until the spring? I really want to seed now to prevent a front yard mud pit, but don't want to waste money if it's too cold to grow. Should we think about hiring a landscaper and install sod?

    Though it is getting too late to seed a new lawn, now is an excellent time to lay sod. The cooler temperatures, less competition from weed invasion, and fall moisture allow sod to develop a strong and healthy root system. Just be sure to amend the soil with compost prior to sodding by incorporating the organic material into the soil to a depth of 4 inches or more. I've installed sod as late as December, (as long as the sod growers can supply healthy sod), and had a strong, deep-rooted lawn in the spring. Plus, you won't have the problem with a muddy front yard.

  129. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What causes a large dead area in the side of a blue spruce tree? I never saw a bore or "weeping" but needles, limbs were brittle and dead.

    If there are no signs of insect or disease invasion, symptoms that present dead areas in random areas of evergreens is usually a result of root damage or stress. This could have been the result of lack of winter watering, root damage from a rodent such as voles, root pruning around the evergreen, or other various root related problems. Since this damage is not repairable, you can accept to live with it or if it's a small spruce, consider replacing it with a new spruce.

  130. Rating: +1

    Positive Negative

    How long can I wait before watering richlawn turf builder? It will rain a bit tonight and more tomorrow and over the weekend.

    There is no problem if you wait to water after applying Richlawn. It is organic based and will not burn your turf.

  131. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What is the germination time for your grass seed?

    There are several variables that can affect the germination time for grass seed, but a good general rule is 7-10 days.

  132. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Do you have anything to get rid of crabgrass? Also, if the temperature is 60º or less, will Prorich burn my yard if I don't water it in the first day? Thank you.

    We don't make anything to kill or prevent crabgrass. Our philosophy is to thicken turf without the use of herbicides wherever possible. If you are seeing a wide bladed clump grass that is green now, it is not crabgrass. Crabgrass is an annual that comes up at the end of May and in to June. What you're seeing now is a perennial fescue that must be killed using a non-selective herbicide like Roundup. You would then re-seed or re-sod the spot. Due to the size of the root system, This grass cannot be effectively controlled by pulling it. You can safely use Pro-Rich in any kind of weather without the fear of burning.

  133. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I planted the E-Z green grass seed in several areas in my yard 13 days ago (May 4th) in Littleton, CO. I mixed in a lawn soil in the top 4-5" of soil. Out of all the areas I have only seen a few tiny blades of grass. But 99.9% of the newly seeded area is bare. It snowed 2-3" on May 9th but it was all melted in 12-16 hours. I did cover the seeded areas with a certified straw to help protect it from the snow. And I have been watering 3 times a day to keep the soil moist. But I'm concerned at this point I may be out of luck. Do I just need to be more patient? How long should I wait before I start over?

    It appears you've done the correct cultural practices in planting the seed; however, the watering frequency in addition to all the snow and natural rainfall could be a problem. Grass seed typically germinates within 2 to 3 weeks, but it may have been too moist and rotted or the seed worked its way too deep into the soil and does not have the needed conditions to germinate. Give it a bit more time, and if it doesn't germinate you'll have to reseed. Mother Nature has given us an unusual spring with cooler than normal temps and we just have to keep on trying. Good luck.

  134. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I am planting tomatoes in 10 gal tubs. What would be a good manure ,compost dirt ratio. And what would you use as fertiziller

    I do not recommend to mix manure and compost and "dirt" for a planting mix; it will be too hot, garden soil is too heavy, and the plants would most likely not survive. It is best to use a prepared soil mix like the Nature's Yield Outdoor Planting Mix that is already formulated for using in container gardens. As the plants acclimate and grow you can fertilize with a Vegetable Garden fertilizer; read and follow label directions for application rates and frequency.

  135. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    we have an established garden planted on a terrace in the city. we have survived high winds and cold weather for more than 10 years but when it came time for the 4 large flame euonymous to bud this spring, they did not. a few cuttings at the top showed no green inthe branches. lower down, a branch cut showed some moistness and a little color but no green. is there anything i can do to bring them back? they are so beautiful and would hate to lose them

    Unfortunately euonymous shrubs suffered severe damage due to the untimely cold snap last November. Many were not acclimated or prepared for winter. Sometimes a hard pruning will stimulate new growth, but it will take time for them to recover. If you don't see new growth from the base in the next few weeks, these bushes will have to be replaced.

  136. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can I use regular turf food on my tomato ground as fertilizer?

    No. Turf fertilizers are generally too high in nitrogen and result in excess vegetative growth and fewer blooms. Instead, use the Gro Rich Vegetable Fertilizer for tomatoes and other edibles.

  137. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I only use Richlawn Turf Food 10-2-5 plus Iron on my lawn. Are the grass clippings safe to use in my garden and compost bin?

    Richlawn products are organic-based and the grass clippings can be safely recycled back into the garden, or if you have a compost pile, please use them in light layers combined with other organic components. It is a great way to make use of the nitrogen and put it back into the garden and for other soil improvement.

  138. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I need a lawn fertilizer that is safe for my dogs.

    Any of the Richlawn lawn fertilizers can be safely applied to lawns where pets roam. Read and follow the label directions for application rates and frequency. Keep pets off the lawn during the application process and until the fertilizer is watered in thoroughly.

  139. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I live in Texas and have installed a scrub and flower garden. I prepared the garden and placed landscape fabric then mulch. It rained terribly for two weeks and now it is extremely hot. I now water the garden every 2 days and now notice that my scrubs are beginning to turn brown. All the leaves on one of them are brown now. I water in the evening. Can you tell me what might be happening with the scrubs? They are the small oval round scrubs.

    The symptoms you describe indicate that the plants are experiencing "oxygen starvation". Roots need a balance of oxygen and moisture to grow and survive. Overwatering or too much water from natural rainfall is often the cause of this problem.The only thing I can recommend is to lightly cultivate around the shrubs or core-aerate to allow the soil to dry out and create a healthier environment for root growth. If this problem exists for long periods, the plants will eventually die.

  140. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Which of the nature's yield is the best for potted plants? Should I use a milorganite type of fertilizer with it? Thank you. Diane

    I use the Nature's Yield Outdoor Planting mix and have achieved excellent results. You can use a liquid, general purpose fertilizer for containerized plants; select the appropriate type for specific potted plants. A granular Gro Rich fertilizer is also available for specific uses. Read and follow label directions.

  141. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I am having a problem with violets in my yard. I've been using commercial weed and feeds. I've had lawn service spray the yard but nothing I'm doing seems to phase the stuff. Is there anything i can do short of starting all over. And also can it get too hot to fertilize.

    Wild violets are very tough to eliminate as they have an extensive and persistent root system. I can only suggest that you spot treat the areas as covered in my Rocky Mountain Getting Started Guide and just be persistent. Otherwise, you may decide to kill the entire area and start over.
    During the heat of summer, it is best to pick the coolest part of the day and water the fertilizer into the soil thoroughly after application.

  142. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can I use scotts weed and feed in summer. Months

    I'm not a fan of weed and feed products, no matter the brand. For them to be effective, the weather conditions must be favorable and the product must be applied while the turf is wet, and then must be dry for several hours. If you have a weed issue, use a liquid selective herbicide and spray only the affected areas of the lawn. As far as the fertilizer goes, one that is made in Colorado will be far more beneficial for you. Ideally, the best weed control is to thicken your turf so it chokes out any infestations. Any of the Richlawn fertilizers will accomplish this task for you. Good luck!!

  143. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    i get what appear to be large circles in my lawn they are green and growing fine but very noticable.they also seem to be growing faster than the rest of the lawn?

    This sounds like the possible beginning of "fairy ring" fungus; when there is moisture in the soil, core-aerate these larger circles, both the outer edges and the inside. After aeration, apply a good wetting agent like Revive. You can also fertilize with Pro-Rich or Iron-Rich to help mask the appearance of these circles. There are no fungicide treatments for this fungus as it is soil borne. Good lawn management practices work the best.

  144. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have fescue in my lawn and have used Revive in it for last couple of years but am wondering if Iron-Rich would work better

    Summer is an excellent time to apply Iron-Rich as it has less nitrogen but concentrates on the needed micronutrient iron. This will maintain a green lawn without forcing excessive vegetative growth. Read and follow label directions for application rates and frequency.

  145. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    im the irrigation tech for an hoa, and I have my turf degree and have an extensive knowledge of turfgrass. however this one is throwing me for a loop. The turf is a dark maroon color. I don't believe it is red thread, however this lady likes her lawn like a swamp and her gardens the same way. so the grass is usually always moist and temperatures range from 40's at night and 80's during the day. My question is they recently stained their house and since the soil is moist, would that dilute the stain enough to be uptake by the roots without causing total damage to the plant causing it to turn that color? or do you have another suggestion

    I would recommend that you collect a proper sample and submit this to the turf department of your state university; they have the pathologists and tools to identify if this could be 'red thread' disease or a cultural problem.

  146. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What is the ph of earth essentials topsoil?

    The pH of Earth Essentials Top Soil ranges from 7-5 to 8.0

  147. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Yellow spots where dog urinates. Do I have to reseed?

    The "dog spots" are high in nitrate salts and should be leached with plenty of water before you attempt to reseed. You can also dig out these areas, prepare the area with compost and plant new sod. Just keep the new sod watered daily to ensure that it will root down. Planting new seed is difficult to establish in the heat of summer and is best done in early fall.

  148. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    do you make a product called rich lawn natural lawn? If not, do you make a product for weed control w/o herbicides?

    I am not aware of "natural lawn" however Richlawn has a product called Richlawn 100 with a formula of 5-3-2 and is OMRI listed. For weed control that is organic you can use a corn gluten based product. It is a pre-emergent that prevents the germination of annual weed seeds. Read and follow label directions. For weeds that are already established, you can choose to dig them out, roots and all, or carefully spot-treat with an approved herbicide for lawns.

  149. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What's the best fertilizer to put on pumpkin plants with pumpkins growing on them

    As it is getting late in the garden season, I would recommend a garden fertilizer such as 5-10-5. Richlawn has an organic-based formula that is just that-Gro-Rich Vegetable Garden fertilizer. Read and follow label directions for application rates, frequency, and other useful information.

  150. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I put Rich lawn, I think it is pro rich, on new grass that is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. I put it on about 1/3 of the recommended 50%. Is this okay or do I need to do something else to my new grass? It gets water at 8:00 am, 12:01pm, 3:00pm, and 5:00 pm. 10 minuets each time. Thanks, Tom

    The light application of Pro-Rich will help ensure good turf establishment in the early stages of development. I would recommend that you apply it at the suggested rate in early September. As the temperatures begin to cool down, I would also recommend that you start to decrease watering frequency to encourage a deeper root development. Otherwise, you are on the right path to establishing a good lawn.

  151. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Need to do some repairs to my sod. Some bare spots due rabbits. Can I seed these areas or should they be cut out and replaced with sod?

    You should prepare the soil in those areas damaged by rabbits; add a generous amount of Eko Compost and work to a depth of 4 inches or more. Then, you can either reseed with a quality grass seed that matches your current lawn grasses, or if you prefer, plant new sod. Seeding will require diligent watering to get the seed to germinate and establish. Sod is more immediate; the choice is yours. Good luck.

  152. Rating: -1

    Positive Negative

    Hello. Is there anything you would recommend to keep rabbits away? I have tried everything - short of dynamite - and have them living under junipers in both my front and back yards. All our neighbors have them too. I do use the turf food - which works well - and wondering if there is anything more I can do to keep the rabbits away. Thank you.

    I control cottontail rabbits in my garden by trapping them in a live trap; the Havahart Traps are generally most available and work quite well. Once trapped you can release them to an open space or euthanize them. Your neighbors will need to work on this problem too, or as you know, rabbits keep on making bunnies. Repellents are not very effective as most can be washed off or they get used to the odors. Good luck.

  153. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    planted a hibiscus on the south side of the house (LAP siding) in august of last year done well, this spring bloomed and then started to dry up and drop all blooms,looks dead, what do i need to do revive it, seems green at the base, Ithink I may have over watered it.

    It is difficult to determine what caused this problem without seeing the hibiscus; it could be a virus that is attacking the shrub. Also, you mention overwatering which also mimics disease symptoms. If it was overwatered and there was oxygen starvation to the roots, this causes the dieback that you describe. You can try cutting back to live wood and hope that it will regrow new stems for the next season. Lightly cultivate around the shrub to loosen compacted soils and allow it to dry out before watering. You will not see a lot of improvement this late in the season, but will see what regrows next spring.

  154. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We have BIG yellow spots in our yard. We have been told that it may possibly lack iron and sulfur...Do you have any advice or comments that might be helpful. The yard is about 1 1/2 acres originally planted to fairway crested wheat grass...The spots have gotten more and larger the past couple of years. It was dethatched, plug arriated and fertilized in early spring..We live in Northern Montana which is zone 3. We have plenty of water and run hose tracking tractor sprinkler. Our water is somewhat saline and does leave white spots on windows. I would appreciate general advice, not totally based on your product use as I have never seen your product in our local stores. Thank You in advance for your very much appreciated advice!

    It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the big yellow spots, but it not uncommon for wheat grasses to fizzle out over several years. You may need reseed these areas, have a soil test done to determine nutrient needs and salinity issues, and other possible problems. If a soil test indicates fertilizer applications, then it would be prudent to apply fertilizer. Drainage and saline water may also be factors that contribute to the problem areas. Good luck.

  155. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I fertilized my lawn in early August. Probably the first week. When is the next time I should fertize and what kind of fertizer should I use for a blue-grass lawn.

    If you follow fertilizing your lawn by the holiday schedule, now is the time to apply Pro-Rich or Richlawn Turf Food (around the Labor day weekend). I also apply fertilizer at the end of October ( around Halloween) for the final application of the year. These are the most important applications to help the lawn recover from the summer and prepare for the upcoming winter season. Follow the label directions on the package for the best results.

  156. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    How soon Is it safe to fertilize after seeding?

    Allow the grass seedlings to acclimate and establish for about 2 weeks and then apply the organic-based Richlawn fertilizer. When the grass is about three inches tall you can mow the new lawn by cutting one-third of the grass blades off, maintaining a height of 2 to 2-1/2 inches.

  157. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Does burnt grass go dormant

    We'll need to find out what caused the grass to be "burnt". If the grass was killed by a fungus or insect invasion, then the grass will not go dormant. It will have to be replaced; late summer and early fall is an excellent time to reseed or re-sod turf grasses. Take a sample to a reputable garden center for diagnosis or your local cooperative extension service office.

  158. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We just planted some trees in our backyard. We didn't read the directions very well and used EKO Compost on the bottom of the root ball and as fill without using any native soil. Will this be an issue?

    The key to getting new trees established is proper soil preparation; unfortunately if there is no way of knowing how your method will effect their growth. It is best to mix compost, about one-third by volume to the existing native soil and then backfill around the rootball. A layer of compost at the bottom of the hole may or may not cause problems, just observe the growth of the trees throughout the season. If this planting was recently done within a week or so, and the trees were container-grown, consider carefully replanting them properly.

  159. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Is there a liquid form of Richlawn fertilizer

    No, we produce only granular fertilizers.

  160. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can Richlawn Winterizer be applied on a damp lawn?

    I suppose you could apply the fertilizer to a damp lawn, but it will get messy as the carrier will stick to the grass blades resulting in an uneven application, not to mention granules sticking to your shoes. My preference is to apply according the manufacturer's directions and to a dry lawn. Then, water it in to get the most efficacy. The lawn will respond by growing thicker and prepare for the fall and winter seasons.

  161. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Is it good to put fertiliser in shrubs and hedges in summer of delhi? The temperature reaches 42 degree here

    The ideal time to fertilize shrubs and hedges is when they begin active growth in spring to late spring.This will help to stimulate growth and keep them healthy throughout the season.

  162. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    can flowering plant fertilizer change its chemical composition , thus damaging or killing plant, if it was stored over a long period of time. like,3 years stored in a garage .

    No, the chemical composition cannot change, but you might experience some caking, or the product might have clumps in it, if it were exposed to humidity or moisture. It would still be safe to use in either case.

  163. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    If I spread dirt and peat moss over the existing grass in my lawn, will it help thicken my yard's turf ? I live in Southern Louisiana and its usually warm down here.

    Be cautious about spreading dirt and peat moss over an existing lawn as it can smother the growing crowns of the grass and kill it. I suggest that you first core-aerate the lawn and spread a thin layer of compost and topsoil, about one-half inch. This will ultimately help to stimulate more growth and thicken the lawn.

  164. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Hello, I was listening to around the house with John Cretti this Saturday 10/17. I also was looking at your books on Amazon. My 14 year old daughter has been venturing into gardening for a couple years now. What book would you recommend for a 14-15 year old in Colorado Springs.

    Thank you for your interest in my book offerings; it's always good to hear young people taking an interest in gardening. For starters, I would recommend the new Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide for your daughter. It provides an introduction to plant selections, with photos, that are best suited to the region. As she gets more experienced with selecting the right plants for the right places, you can followup with the Month-by-Month Gardening - Rocky Mountain. Best wishes for successful gardening in Colorado Springs.

  165. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    How often, or how many applications, can I use the winterizer?

    Fertilizers applications are most effective when they are about 6 weeks apart this time of the year. It's ok to put down an application as late as the end of October assuming there is no snow cover.

  166. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    When is the best time to prune my silver maple tree?

    Dead, damaged or diseased branches should be removed immediately. The best time for pruning is late winter or early spring, before the tree starts leafing out.

  167. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I had my lawn reseeded with fescue mix & they fertilized two weeks ago . My lawn service wants to fertilize again this week. Will this hurt my lawn?

    It would not harm your lawn, but it is not necessary to fertilize that often. We recommend fertilizing turf grasses about every 6 weeks during the growing season from March-October.

  168. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We recently planted grass & after doing so, noticed there was a 'fungicide' in the seed. We have a puppy & a cat that use the yard. How long should we keep them away from the area? We planted last Sunday, so it's been one full week. Thank you!

    It all depends on what kind of fungicide was included. Read the label to get further information. Once the grass seed germinates there should be no problem for curious pets to use the lawn. The biggest concern is that puppies and kittens are curious and eat almost anything so try to keep them from getting to the seed itself. If a problem should arise, don't hesitate to contact the poison control center for assistance.

  169. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I am planning to apply Richlawn turf food, but possible snow and colder temperatures are expected. Is it safe to apply your product under these conditions?

    It is perfectly safe and ideal to apply Richlawn organic-based lawn fertilizer prior to moisture. Cold temperatures will not inhibit the effect of the fertilizer. If you can, core-aerate the lawn prior to fertilizing so the nutrients will filter down into the soil and increase assimilation.

  170. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Half of our back yard is mostly in the shade and the lawn there is thin and sad. I want to plant a shade tolerant grass (or grass seed mix) there on top of the grass that exists. When do I spread grass seed there and how do I coordinate fertilizing in that art of our property? I live in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

    One of the best times to overseed with new grass is early spring; I would suggest that the area or entire lawn receive a good core-aeration prior to broadcasting the seed. This will provide many holes for the seed to lodge and germinate more quickly. It is critical to water a new seeding daily and often two to three times a day during dry, windy periods to promote germination of the seed. Follow the label instructions on the seed mixture label. As for grass seed; select a mixture that contains shade tolerant creeping red and chewings fescue. Check the labels carefully since not all fescue grasses are shade tolerant. Good luck.

  171. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    After all the Spring rain last year, we got slammed by lawn fungus. Tried a couple spray products - just couldn't beat it back. Not sure what kind. Behavior: a small straw-colored patch would appear in the morning (yellow vs brown). Throughout the morning, it would grow-either in a linear/crawly fashion or spread in diameter. The, at some seemingly arbitrary place, it would stop. Suggestions????

    This could be a fungus problem or possibly an environmental condition.To verify if it is fungus you will need to submit a sample to your local county extension office. Take a sample as soon as the symptoms occur. In a wet spring, many lawn problems can attributed to environmental conditions with the sharp temperature and moisture fluctuations. A good core-aeration and deep watering practices can help the lawn recover. If the spots don't fill in on their own, overseed the areas with a quality lawn seed. Richlawn's EZ Green Colorado grass seed would be a good choice.

  172. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have st. Augustine grass that will not get thick at all.No matter what I PUT ON IT,the weeds continue to thrive. What can I do to thicken my grass as well as rid it of weeds....

    St. Augustine normally responds favorably to a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen in the 16-20 range. You should apply it 2-3 times per year. For weed suppression, a pre-emergent is effective. For more detailed information I would recommend you contact a garden center in your area. They could guide you to specific products to achieve your desired results. Thanks for you note!!

  173. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Just applied Richlawn fertilizer to my lawn. Directions say to water thoroughly after application to activate. My question is "Can I wait to see if it is going to rain this afternoon or do I need to water the lawn now?" If I can wait I will not be wasting water!

    Water is what activates the fertilizer, but because our products are organic-based it is not necessary that it be irrigated right after applying. Maybe mother nature will help us in the next day or so. Thanks for your note, and for using our products.

  174. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can I drop insect killer in my pull behind spreader while mowing?

    I need more information to answer this question:
    Why do you need to apply "insect killer" to the lawn? What kind of pests are you wanting to control? During the mowing are you catching the clippings are letting them fall? If they are mulched this would impede the insect control to make contact with the soil.
    It is far better to apply the insecticide if so labeled after mowing and core-aertion. This allows for more efficacy of the insect control.
    Follow up with more specifics, please.

  175. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We recently purchased our first home but the yard is in rough shape. I feel that the yard is too far gone to be saved. What are the best steps to take to start over?

    The best way to start is to kill any existing weeds and then prepare the soil with a generous amount of compost, i.e. 3 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet. Then grade the area to plant either seed or sod. For a complete breakdown of starting a new lawn or other landscape setting, please check out my newest book-Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press). Early fall is a good time to start over and plant a new lawn.
    Good luck.
    John Cretti-Horticulturist

  176. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Hi John! I caved and bought a $1.50 mum at Kings. Is it too late to plant outside(in Denver)or can I try to grow it inside? Thanks :o)

    Now is an ideal time to plant chrysanthemums outdoors to extend the perennial flowering season; assuming these mums are hardy mums and not the florist types. As always, prepare the planting site with EKO compost prior to planting. These perennials are winter hardy outdoors. Enjoy the late summer and fall colors.

  177. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I put new maple chips(from a tree I had cut down) around my tomato plants and my yield is zero. Like all my plants died. Was this caused by th maple chips?

    The use of fresh tree chips or peelings could be contributing factor to reduced yield and plants dying. Among the reasons: fresh chips will deplete the soil of nitrogen as they try to break down. This ultimately will weaken the tomato plants and of course, reduce production. Additionally, there can be pheynols in the the tree chips which are toxic. It is best to compost tree chips for a year of so before using as a mulch in vegetable gardens.
    Adding supplemental nitrogen fertilizer can help in the decomposition of wood chips, so use some in the compost pile.
    Also, don't overlook other factors that come into play when the plants are stressed; they become more vulnerable to insect pests and diseases.
    Better luck next garden season.

  178. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Is soil dr 40 lb ez spread granular lime,harmful for my small dogs?

    Granular lime is not harmful, but it can be irritating to the dog's feet. Be sure to adequately water it in before they go out on the lawn.

  179. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    can you overseed the lawn and apply winterizer in the same season, i.e. a few days of each other? thank you.

    Now is an ideal time to overseed; first core-aerate the lawn and then apply the seed as directed on the packaging.

    Allow the grass seed to germinate (usually within 10 to 14 days) and then you can apply a "winterizer" turf food. I recommend that you apply the Pro-Rich winter turf food as its formula is ideal for our region.

  180. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Is it a good idea if I roto-till my yard if I have a lot of roots in yard from Italian cypress trees? I just removed all my grass but soil is filled with roots...I'm trying to plant drought tolerant plants, no more grass.

    Yes, it would be a good idea to rototill the area. After you have churned up the soil, use a good garden rake and remove as many of the existing roots as possible. Don't worry about getting all of them, just as many as you can. Thanks for your note!!

  181. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have a large hole dug, ready to plant a rose come spring. The soil that I took out of the hole is awful clay and I would prefer not to have to use any of it when I eventually plant my rose. What do you recommend in the way of a mix of bagged products that I can substitute to help me get the best results from the rose. I'm CA zone 9 Thanks Jim

    It is critical to amend clay soil with compost prior to planting the bush; add one-third by volume to the native soil. This will help improve drainage, add pore space, and provide nutrient uptake. Of course, I recommend EKO compost and I've found that the EKO outdoor planting mix to be ideal for amending clay soils. Your rose will be off to a healthy and vigorous start.

  182. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    When is the best time to trim my junipers?

    The preferred time to prune or trim junipers is late winter to early spring. This allows for more rapid recovery when the active growing season resumes. For more details on what to do each month pick up a copy of my newest book: Month-by-Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountains (Cool Springs Press). It is available at Amazon.com

  183. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    It's February in Spokane my perineal flowers are shooting up already should I cover with soil

    There is no need to cover them with anything. Perennials are resilient and take handle some cold weather. I bigger issue is to be sure they receive water during dry periods. Thanks for your note.

  184. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What organic fertilizer to use on centipede grass in Georgia? Thank You.

    Centipede grass is a warm season grass. It does its productive growth between April and September. For this reason, fertilizer applications should be done in the spring after the grass begins to green up.

    Fertilizer should be applied twice, with only 1/2 to 1 pound of nitrogen each time. The first application of fertilizer should be during or after spring green up and then again in mid summer. Do not apply fertilizer in fall as the grass is not growing actively. You can look for an organic fertilizer at your local garden center or nursery.

  185. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have 3/4 of a bag of lawn food remaining. Can I use it as winterize?

    Yes, you can. Fall is the most important fertilization of the year, and its a good opportunity to use up fertilizer that's on hand. You can start fresh in the spring.

  186. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Hello, I applied Turf Builder fertilizer through a drop spreader set at 60% and something went awry! I used enough fertilizer for between 8000-9000 sq feet on a yard that is approximately 1200-1500 sq feet. The spreader is new and I did ensure it was calibrated prior to application. This is new grass from seed, and was approximately 4-6 inches tall in most areas. What is recommended to save this yard from me?!! Can this be fixed or minimized enough to save the lawn? Thank you in advance for any response! Regards, Charles

    As long as the fertilizer hasn't already done any substantial burning of the turf, the only thing to do now is to diligently water to help dilute the potential high nitrogen content. The lawn should eventually come back with cooler weather during this season. Continue to mow your lawn at a height of 3 1/2 to 4 inches and allow it to fill-in. Good luck.

  187. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can I apply iron (to a yellow area of my lawn) and winterizer to the entire lawn in late October

    Our Winterizers have iron in them, but if you need to add supplemental iron, there is no problem doing both.

  188. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I want to winterize my bluegrass lawn with Richlawn Winterizer (UPC 033044440051) using an older Scott's Classic Drop spreader. What spreader setting should I use?

    You would open your spreader to 60% of maximum. If it goes from 1-18, then 10 would be the appropriate setting.

  189. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Builder said it takes 2 to 3 years for grass from grass seed to fully come in. Is this true? From ohio

    Even in adverse conditions, you should see a healthy stand of grass in 2-3 months. Not years.

  190. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Has your sheep and peat been tested for herbicide/pesticide residues and arsenic?

    The simple answer is, not that we know of. Agricultural regulations are very strict, so the chances of any undesirable substances being present are very very unlikely.

  191. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Which "Richlawn" product is best to put down now? We have gotten the aeration job done & are expecting rain/snow by Thurs. Which lawn product is your pre-emergent? Thank you, GW

    We do not use any pre-emergent products in any of our fertilizers. Our philosophy is to thicken the lawn and choke out weeds by the development of a dense root system. I would recommend Pro-Rich, and your timing is perfect with the aeration and the potential rain.

  192. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    we used rich lawn fertilizer this fall and now my grass is black- it is dead or what can I do to make it better now? Also, is your fertilizer pet friendly?

    Your grass is dormant now, and there is really nothing that can be done until around the middle to the end of March. At that time, aerate the lawn and put down an application of Richlawn Turf Food. The dark coloration could potentially indicate snow mold especially if that portion of the lawn is in a shaded area. A spring aeration will be greatly beneficial to relieve it.

  193. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I had sod put down last spring. Bluegrass. Now I have large clumps instead of a smooth yard. Landscaping company said it must have gotten a disease. I have used the company he recommended to service the yard. What do I do other than redo the whole yard

    I'm not sure what the source of sod you installed, but if it was a pure stand of bluegrass it would not form clumps. It may have been sod with a mixture of bluegrass and fescue (which is a clump-forming grass). Start by finding out what kind of sod was planted and adjust your care or maintenance as needed. Often, a good core-aeration followed by fertilizer such as Richlawn Turf Food will get the grass back on track and the lawn will fill in to reduce the clumping. If you have a sprinkler system, be sure to mark/flag the sprinkler heads ahead of the aeration.
    For more complete details on lawn care, please refer to my book, ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

  194. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I accidentally put tomato fertilizer on my flowering plants. What should I do?

    I don't foresee a problem with applying tomato fertilizer on flowering plants; the formula generally has a higher phosphorous content which will benefit flowering plants. Hopefully it was applied in a low to moderate rate. Just want to make sure you don't oversupply as any fertilizer can cause foliage and root burn. Always read and follow label directions before using any fertilizer and heed precautions.

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    Positive Negative

    I live in Denver Co and am looking for a pet friendly lawn fertilizer. What do you suggest. Thanks, Jeannie

    All of our products are pet friendly, and most are organic based. If you're looking for a 100% organic product, our Richlawn 5-3-2 would do just fine, It is listed by OMRI.

  196. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    This weekend I plan on tilling my backyard and spreading seed and fertilizer. Should I till turf food or organic 100 into the soil. Or should I spread it over the top?

    I recommend that you add a generous source of compost like EKO Compost and root-till this into the soil to a depth of 6-inches or more. Then grade the area and you will be ready to seed. Read and follow labels on grass seed for depth of planting and watering frequency to get the seed to germinate and root down. Once the new grass is up and growing, it is safe to apply either the Richlawn Turf Food or the Organic 100 to provide essential nutrients for the new turf.
    For more information on starting, establishing, and maintaining lawns in our area, check out the Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

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    Positive Negative

    I live in Maryland. I have tried everything and so have my neighbors. We can't get rid of Moss. I had found on the WEB to use the following: Fertilizer 28-3-5-3 or last number could be 4. Or is this product can be restricted to Professional Landscapers?????

    Moss is a problem that occurs where there is abundant moisture, organic matter, and shade. Though high nitrogen fertilizers with iron can help reduce the problem, it is not the best solution as other landscape problems my arise. I would recommend that your consider using a copper-based moss control. Read and follow label directions. A good source for more information can be found at your local county extension office or state university cooperative extension branch.

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    When applying grass seed and fertilizer on the same day, does it matter what is first

    When seeding with grass seed it is best to apply a "starter fertilizer" first and incorporate the granules a few inches deep. Then grade the area and sow the new seed as directed on the label. Watering lightly daily is essential to get the new seed to germinate. You can find specific "starter fertilizer" for lawns at your local garden retailers. Richlawn 5-3-2 Organic is a great choice for a starter fertilizer.

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    Positive Negative

    My property has a part in the front near the road that the city throws the snow, plowing it on my front property. Every year we grow new grass because the grass dies from the snow dumped on it. What kind of grass can I plant that withstand the snow and salt that gets dumped on it? I am tired of replanting every year to just have it killed because the town plows snow on it.

    There is no foolproof grass variety that can withstand the accumulation of salts. However, if you check with your local seed suppliers you may be able to still find a grass called "alkali grass". This is an old standard used for areas that are naturally high in soluble salts. Some folks have had success with the various "wheat grasses" as well. I would suggest that you seriously consider revamping your landscape in that front area. You might want to design that area with decorative mulch, or maybe planting a ground cover to soften the view. For more information on lawns and ground covers, refer to my newest book: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

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    I have just fertilized my lawn with Richlawn Turf Food. Prior to doing so I read the safety statement about dogs that eat the fertilizers iron pellets may get sick. My dogs love to eat the grass blades. My question is: after fertilizing the lawn how long must I wait before I can safely allow my dogs to use the lawn again. Thanks!

    Most dogs are naturally attracted to organic-based fertilizers and may want to eat the granules. It is imperative that the inquisitive pets be kept off the lawn during application and then be sure to water the fertilizer in so it percolates into the soil and gets to the root zone.
    This will generally prevent the pet from ingesting the fertilizer. Once the lawn has dried, the dog can resume normal activities.
    If the dog eats the leaf blades of the turf, then there should be no problem associated with this activity. Pets often eat greens, too.

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    We were told we may have mites​ in our lawn. We sent pictures of it to a lawn company and that's what they're thinking. Is there anything we can do about the damage of the lawn before we have to pay the $$ to a company? It gets pricey. Neither of our next door neighbors are having this issue. We are in Evans, CO

    The best control for turf mites is to practice late fall and winter watering when there is little or no natural rainfall or snow to keep the crowns of the turf grass alive and less vulnerable from spider mite attack. Damage is more prevalent on full sun slopes and windy prone areas that make the lawn dry out faster. Once the lawn or portions thereof are damaged by mites, these areas will need to be replaced by overseeding or resodding.
    There are miticides (pesticides) that can be sprayed for mites, but by the time the mites are controlled the damage to the turf has already happened.
    For more information on keeping a healthy lawn in our area, please refer to my newest book: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

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    Is a fairy ring of grass, no toadstools harmful to my dog?

    Fairy ring is primarily a soil inhabiting fungus and the mycelium portion in the soil inhibits moisture from penetrating to the roots. It is not harmful to pets; however, if toadstools should appear above ground they are toxic and can make pets sick if eaten. One method to control "fairy ring" is to aerate the rings and saturate with a wetting agent like Revive or a mild liquid soap diluted in water .

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    Is scotts max fertilizer safe for plants

    I'm sure it is, but not being our product, I couldn't tell you much about it. You might want to contact Scotts' directly to be sure.

  204. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Outside of Denver Colorado, I stripped out my lawn and replanted 2-3 years ago using "Richlawn Proturf" seed. It established well and seems to be growing well, but it has left behind a dramatic amount of dry grass. Every time I mow, I'm left with the brownest lawn on the block. The dry brittle brown grass is ugly and unpleasant to walk on. How do I get that to break down?

    If you're referring to the grass clippings as the "dry brittle brown grass"after you. mow, you will need to adjust your mowing practices; mow the lawn more often so as not to remove no more than one-third of the leaf blades at each mowing. This allows the finer clippings to fall back into the lawn and decompose into useful nutrients. Also, I find that a good core-aeration of the lawn will help the finer clippings to break down and return the nutrients back to the lawn. If you cannot mow more often during the active growing periods, think about catching the grass clippings and recycling them into a compost pile.
    For more complete details on lawn care in our region, please check out the chapter on lawn care in my newest book; Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).

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    Positive Negative

    can I fertilize with weed and feed after using revive?

    I'm not a fan of this method, but you can apply a "weed and feed" fertilizer combination after using Revive. Just be sure to read and follow the label directions before applying any herbicide to your lawn. You would be better off to spot-treat any weeds with a liquid herbicide and use a turf food like Pro-Rich or Richlawn. Labels specify the amount to use for the size of your lawn and safe application methods.

    For more details on maintaining your lawn in our region, please refer to my newest book: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).

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    Positive Negative

    I have a question regarding hard clay soil. I have a hard time growing a dense yard and I think it is because my dirt is a very hard clay and actually cracks if I don't keep it wet. One person recommended spreading sand in it. My second question is once I get the soil thing figured out is it possible to reseed within the existing lawn and how would I do that?

    I do not recommend adding sand to clay soils unless you are prepared to add 70 percent by volume to your existing soil. Clay and sand makes concrete. It is best to add organic matter such as sphagnum peat moss or compost when amending existing clay soil. Use compost at the rate of 30 percent by volume. You can learn more about preparing soil for lawns in my newest book: Rocky Mountain Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press),
    As for over-seeding an existing lawn, it can be done after a good core-aeration which leaves many holes for the new seed to lodge and germinate. Just be sure to select a good quality seed variety that will match up with your existing lawn grasses. Richlawn EZ Green Turf Grass blend is a very good choice for over-seeding or filling in bare spots.

  207. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    What is the difference between richlawn turf food and prorich? Is prorich just more concentrated?

    There are two main differences- First is the coverage; Pro-Rich covers 5,600 sq. ft., and Richlawn Turf Food covers 2,500 sq. ft. Both products provide one lb. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. The second is where they are sold; Richlawn Turf Food is sold at Home Depot, Lowe's and some Walmart stores. Pro-Rich is sold at independent garden centers and ACE Hardware.

  208. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I have rich lawn ez green premium lawn seed... What setting should I use on my spreader?

    Not sure what type of spreader you have, but in any event you would set the spreader to an opening of about 1/8 inch. Grass seed is very small, and a smaller opening will give you the desired coverage.

  209. Rating: +0

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    If i water and feed my plant at the same time will it harm the plant

    As long as you have the soil slightly moist before applying the fertilizer there should be no problem. Just be sure to apply the fertilizer at the recommended rate and proper dilution. Read and follow the LABEL directions.

  210. Rating: +0

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    Can i use my leftover turf food around trees and flowers.

    If the leftover fertilizer is still granulated and hasn't become wet and caked, it can be safely used around trees and flowers. Just remember that this is turf food and higher in nitrogen so it must be applied in smaller portions. I have used it lightly around shrubs, trees, and perennials with good results. Once scattered around the plants you desire, lightly cultivate into the soil and water in thoroughly. Again, a little turf food will go a long way. Don't overdo or over apply.

  211. Rating: +0

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    Would a thin layer of pine saw dust hurt St. Augustine grass?

    It depends on what you mean by "thin layer". Fresh sawdust from pines have turpentines in them and these can harm the turf by burning the leaf blades. It is better to compost the pine sawdust for several months before applying to the garden or lawn. Compost sawdust with other green matter including grass clippings, leaves, and other vegetation.

  212. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    We planted the EZ seed grass seed around April 15. We have a pretty good yard of grass but several weeds coming up. Some big and thick, some small and fine but when is it safe to spray a weed killer and which kind of weed killer?

    Newly seeded lawns should be allowed to establish before applying weed killers; if you have mowed the new grass at least once and when the temperatures are cooler (70 to 80 degrees F. ), you can safely apply a weed control to the lawn. Be sure to select a weed control labeled for lawns and READ AND FOLLOW THE LABEL directions carefully. You lawn should be thoroughly watered the day before you apply the weed control. In the meantime, when the soil is moist, you can get rid of the weeds by digging or hand pulling. Though this method is tedious, it is "organic" and reduces the use of pesticides in the landscape.
    For more details on lawn care in our area, please refer to my newest book: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).

  213. Rating: +0

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    How long before you see the effect of an iron-rich application

    There are a couple of variables to consider, like was it applied at the correct rate, and was it watered it. Assuming those were done correctly, you should see results typically in 5-6 days after application.

  214. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    I am new to the area, and am looking for a new source for lawn fertilization. In my previous area I used Scotts', but a few of my neighbors told me about Richlawn and I thought I would give it a try. Where in Castle Rock is it available?

  215. Rating: +0

    Positive Negative

    Can I slit seed in the heat of the summer? I am using an Exmark slit seeding machine. I am wanting to fill in thin spots or areas that have died back due to exposure (south-facing), high traffic spots and the like.

    I generally do not recommend seeding turf grasses in the heat of summer, unless you are committed to diligent watering and upkeep. My recommendation is to wait until early to mid-September. Weather conditions are generally cooler and there is less competition from weeds.
    For more details on seeding and caring for lawns in our region, please refer to my newest book: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press).
    Good luck.

  216. Rating: +0

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    Using Richlawn winterizer on my lawn, would I be wrong to use the bag 25 lbs/3000 feet coverage several times in the same area of grass. What are the downsides for method.

    There really isn't a downside. Just remember to wait 4-5 weeks between applications.

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