You have no doubt heard the phrase “Fall fertilization is the most important one of the year,” well, it’s true, and here’s why;
From the hot days of summer, to the coldest day in February, your lawn is constantly evolving. As the weather cools and daylight decreases in early Fall, turfgrass growth begins to slow, and most of the activity takes place out of sight below ground. This is the time that the root system expands and stores energy for the next season. Without a fall fertilization it is much more difficult for the lawn to survive the rigors of our typically dry winters.

Richlawn fertilizers were developed, and are produced in Colorado for our unique soil and climate conditions. A grass fertilizer application of Richlawn or Pro-Rich Winterizer in mid-September to late October will go a long way to helping your lawn be strong and healthy and get off to a great start in the spring.