lawn and garden fertilizer pet friendly

What types of flowers do you know that grow in the Midwest? Whether you’re just now planning to plant a new garden, or you just moved to the Midwest, and you’re thinking of planting everything from individual flowers to rose bushes and trees, it’s important to know what types of flowers grow best here.


When it comes to perennials, you’ll find there are numerous beautiful species you can consider right off the bat. Here are some of the most popular ones you might want to consider:


  • Cone flowers are some of the most gorgeous summer perennial flowers you can plant. They bloom all throughout the summer, and their traditional colors are pink, white and purple.
  • The lenten rose is extremely resilient and can bloom in the Midwest even under trying condition. This evergreen perennial flower is unique in its appearance, resembling a natural work of art with its beautiful green leaves, rounded, spotted petals and striking colors.
  • The hardy geranium features beautiful, intricate patterns and bright colors that will bring you and your family members lots of joy and excitement during the months of autumn. What’s special about this flower is that it flourishes in full sun, and it only needs a little water in order to thrive.  Of course you will want to use a pet friendly lawn fertilizer so you can keep your furry friends out of the flower bed.