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Fertilizing your garden should be one of your primary concerns when you plant it. While fertilizing too soon can be bad because the fertilizer could actually end up burning the plant so it will not grow anymore, fertilizing at the end of the growing cycle should also be avoided. When you do that, the plant is already close to maturity, and there isn’t much that’s left to be done in order to help it grow more efficiently.


The first thing to keep in mind is that nothing on your lawn or in your garden will die if you won’t fertilize it. That being said, it’s essential to avoid times when fertilization might be harmful or unnecessary and focus on the times when it’s most helpful.


Now, while there is no clear time to choose in order to start fertilizing, generally the best time to do it for any particular plant is when it starts to grow more actively. Don’t try to look for a certain time of year that’s beneficial for all plants and herbs, since each of them grows differently and has different needs.


By following this line of reasoning, you can adapt the amount and timing of your fertilizer to be ideal for each plant in part. Then it will be very easy to avoid any of the drawbacks of using fertilizer at a bad time.  Find out when and how to fertilize your lawn and garden