Lawn Fertilizer To Maintain Lawn In Fall

Fall lawn care consists of simple activities the purpose of which is to help your lawn survive harsh winter weather and to ensure that your lawn is coming back strong and healthy when it revives the following year. Here are some tips how to do it right:

  • Continue mowing and watering, but adjust the routine – temperatures usually start dropping in fall, which also means that your lawn will not need as much water or grow as fast as during the summer. Decrease the frequency of your mowing sessions, leave the grass longer and reduce the intensity of the watering as well to help the lawn move towards dormancy;
  • Aerate the soil – if your lawn is small, you can aerate the soil manually, with an object suitable for poking holes, but if your lawn is really large, you should get a lawn aerating tool (you can also rent one for a couple of days);
  • Clean the lawn – rake the dried leaves that fall from the trees and also remove the thatch from the lawn surface;
  • Fertilize – the best and cheapest lawn winter fertilizer is compost. You can make your own, collecting organic household waste into a bin or you can buy it in large sacks in garden stores.