organic fertilizer in terrariumRemember when terrariums were all the rage? If you’re under 35 probably not. Well, in either case their popularity is on the rise again.  They are fun, and easy projects to make and maintain. They require little water because of their enclosed nature, and they also add color to the home during an otherwise bleak and dark time of the year.

Many types of containers can be used but the most common are glass and are cylindrical in shape. Most garden centers carry all the necessary components to make a great terrarium and a visit to your local center is a good resource for some ideas to get started and will help you decide what plants you want to use. Some even have in-house classes on how to create and maintain a terrarium.   

From a simple garden planting to a very elaborate theme, terrariums are a great way to fuel your creativity and provide a great sense of accomplishment. Give it a try.