A selection of natural fertilizers for the garden is exactly what you need to grow healthy products. Instead of turning to synthetic products to feed plants and vegetables in your garden, you should rely on natural ingredients. A biofertilizer for vegetables, which can even be made by yourself, improves not only their health but also the quality of the soil.

Natural fertilizers provide mineral feed for growing plants, but they also feed the living organisms in the soil that contribute to their natural balance. These organisms (most of which are microscopic bacteria and fungi) process natural fertilizers and break them down into the nutrients that plants use in their growth process.

What is an organic fertilizer and how is it different from chemical products?

Organic fertilizers are natural products, used to feed plants and vegetables. They contribute to the overall health of the soil. As for non-organic fertilizers, they are synthetic, made from inorganic materials that usually provide a rapid growth of plant nutrients, but without long-term beneficial effects on the soil.

Organic fertilizers are used especially when the soil lacks the nutrients that plants need, but also when you want to prepare the soil for new planting operations.

The best organic fertilizers include compost and compost tea which accelerates the plant growth process, natural fertilizers obtained from manure, which are very nutritious, bone meal, which is an excellent source of phosphorus, and also bio-fertilizer with seaweed extract that improves the quality of the soil.  Some of the best in fertilizers for your lawn and garden can be found at https://therichlawncompany.com/.