when to fertilize lawn

There are a lot of homeowners who try to avoid spending too much money on their lawns. Indeed, lawn care can be expensive, especially if the size of your lawn is quite large. However, at least with regards to the use of lawn fertilizer, those expenses are actually justified.


As you plant your lawn, thousands of individual grass blades spring out of the ground to face the replenishing sunlight and receive the many gallons of water they need in order to survive. However, aside from water and sunlight, danger awaits at every corner. Pets that want to mark their territory, harmful insects and pests trying to get a bite of the blades and greedy weeds seeping up all the water and nourishment in the soil are just a few of the most problematic factors that can lead your grass to feel lethargic and sick, and to eventually die out.


Using proper lawn fertilizer, you can give your grass a fighting chance. Properly selected brands of lawn fertilizers offer an organic approach to gardening that replenishes the soil, provides vital nutrients for your lawn to thrive, and prevents weeds from getting to it. With the right lawn fertilizer, your grass will also be resilient enough to prevent the onset of brown spots longer and to resist the presence of some pests as well.  If you need help knowing when to fertilize lawn in Denver talk with the professionals.