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Every year homeowners put a lot of effort into growing and maintaining a lush landscape around their properties. This usually means taking care of a wide range of trees, because they do more than just create curb appeal. In fact, trees improve air quality and help protect the environment. They also create shade, bear fruit and nuts, and so on. As seasons change, trees may also require a little bit of care from your part, and, among other things, the smaller trees should be protected from the hot summer sun.

The most important things you can do to protect your smaller trees is to water them on a regular basis, use mulch, fertilize them properly and trim them when needed. In this respect, adding a layer of mulch helps with the retention of moisture around the base of the trees. The mulch should be about 2 inches in depth.

The watering should be done at a slow pace, in order to avoid excessive humidity, which may have a negative impact on the good health and longevity of your trees. Fertilizing can also help a lot, but you should avoid fertilizing fruit-bearing trees, as this could affect the yield per se.  For all your questions for a great landscape look to