What Should I Do Fertilize In Fall Summer Spring

Whether you have a lawn, a vegetable garden or beds with decorative plants, the best time to apply your fertilizer is about 2-3 weeks before the first frost. Fall is the season when most plants prepare for dormancy and when the soil can be the most efficiently treated for ensuring fertility when nature comes back to life next spring. Here is why Fall is the best time for adding your fertilizers:

  • The help offered by the morning dew – dew being more substantial in fall, you can make good use of it and rely on it to transfer the nutrients from your fertilizer to the deeper layers of the soil;
  • Nourishing the roots – in fall, most plants stop transferring energy towards the stalks and leaves, concentrating their growth efforts to the roots. Adding fertilizer during the fall will strengthen the roots of your plants, making sure that your vegetation will be stronger and more resistant next year;
  • More resistance during the winter – the cold season is harsh on most plants, especially in regions that get chilly weather, but not much snow. Fertilizing your plants in fall will give them the strength and stamina to survive hard winter conditions without drying out or freezing.  Find out what is best for when to fertilize lawn in Denver at https://therichlawncompany.com/ask-the-plant-doc/.