natural trees fertilize roots for growth

The trees in your yard or garden need watering, pruning as well as fertilization, though the need to apply a suitable fertilizer depends on many factors. Here are some:

  • The age of the tree at replanting – if you decide to plant a small, young tree, it is a good idea to nourish it with the right type of slow-release, organic natural fertilizer to help it grow strong roots in its new place;
  • The location of the tree – if your tree is planted in an area covered in a lawn that gets fertilized, it might not be necessary to feed your tree fertilizer substances separately – your tree will absorb some of the fertilizers that you give your lawn;
  • The appearance of the tree – check the leaves and the branches regularly. If you notice that the leaves are wilted or faded or that the branches don’t grow the way they can be expected to, the problem might be caused by the lack of proper nutrients in the soil. If you don’t see any signs that might indicate an illness, take a sample of the soil around the tree, bring it to a lab and get it tested – the results will tell you what elements you will need to add to restore the strength of your tree.