Sring to do list compost for lawn lawnmower maintenance

Having a beautiful lawn all year round certainly is something that most homeowners strive for applying a good compost for lawn helps you achieve a beautiful lawn. And in order to make sure it preserves its good health and good looks, it is very important to take the proper measures at the right time. Spring is the key moment for taking good care of your lawn.

Soil testing is very important, because it can help you improve the good quality of your lawn, and it is best performed in early spring. You can buy a soil test kit and find out what you need to do to enrich your lawn.

Spring cleanup is another key ingredient for getting and maintaining a gorgeous lawn. After all, winter can cause a lot of mess in your yard. You need a rake and some pruning shears to do your job properly. You should prune any deteriorated branches from trees or shrubs. At the same time, you should also remove any twigs or branches fallen on your lawn.

Also, you should not forget to check the state and proper functioning of your lawn care equipment and tools. This includes your mower. In case of need, you should fix any issues related to your machineries. Having the necessary amount of fuel at hand is also highly important.