Natural Fertilizer Helps Pattern Mowed Grass Look Great

Mowing your lawn in a creative pattern or alternating patterns is a great way to achieve a much more attractive appearance as well as to keep your grass strong and to avoid various health problems. Here are the most popular patterns that you should try:

  • Stripes for a big league look – mow around the lawn perimeter, then mow in a straight line, paying attention not to leave a mark when you turn your mower at the end of each line;
  • Checkerboard – the technique is the same as with simple stripes, but when you are done mowing the first set of stripes, you should start mowing perpendicularly, too;
  • Diagonal lines or diagonal checkerboard – the technique is similar to the two methods above, the only difference being the starting point. With this pattern, you should start mowing diagonally from one corner, not parallel to the sides;
  • Creating a zig-zag pattern – create a checkerboard pattern using the method described above, then use the checkerboard to guide you while creating the zig-zag pattern. Decide how long you want each section of your zig-zag line to be and move the mower diagonally for the desired number of squares, then change direction 90 degrees and move for the same number of squares.  Of course, applying a natural fertilizer will do wonders for your grass and the appearance after mowing.