Unused Soil Storage TipsIf you don’t plan to plant a lot of crops or plants just yet, then you might have a lot of unused soil on your hand that you need to store. Planning to start an indoor garden later this year or next year can be a great plan, but until you have the time and resources for it, storing your soil most efficiently and properly should take precedence over anything else.


The best place to store your soil is a dry area where there’s little or no moisture and the temperature stays largely the same. You’ll have to think about preparing your soil for storage and making sure that you have a dependable container that won’t easily break or be damaged.


To prepare the soil, get it all together – preferably in the special bags that it came with – and seal up the bags as best as you can. If you no longer have the original bags, then place the soil inside solid totes that don’t allow any sunlight inside. You can do so, even if you have the bags, just by placing the bags of soil inside the totes. After that, seal the totes shut as tightly as possible.


Each tote should be placed in a cool, dry area where preferably the temperature is controlled to stay around the same all the time. If you don’t have such a place in your home, and you have a lot of soil to store, then consider getting a small storage unit for it until such time as you will need to use the soil again. You can also use as compost for lawn if needed.