Great Compost Soil Ready To Use

You might have heard a lot about the process of composting to obtain enriched compost soil for your garden. Gardeners and farmers speak about it constantly, and consider it a very essential part of gardening – as it undoubtedly is.


Composting is basically a process by which you add certain materials, known as compost, to your garden bed in order to enrich the soil and make it more ripe with nutrients, as well as more inviting to a wider variety of plants. Composting is typically done using either brown compost (twigs, dead leaves, manure etc.) or green compost (consisting of lawn clippings or fruit rinds, as well as other “green” organic materials). Each of these materials has a different effect on different types of soil, but in most cases, experts agree that you should compost using one part of green and one part brown organic material.


Clay soil is usually composted to make the clay less efficient at holding in moisture, while sandy soils are composted for the opposite reason – to help them retain water. Also, keep in mind that composting does require the material to decompose at a fairly quick rate, so that your plants and crops can receive nutrients from organic matter at an efficient rate to spur their growth. So in times of drought or when your soil is exceedingly dry, make sure you help the process along by adding more water.