planting soil mix for wildflowers

Wildflowers are a great choice for your garden, especially if they are native to your area. Not only will they offer a unique view and a beautiful contrast when compared to perennials and other flowers you’d normally plant, but many of them will also be very easy to tend to, which is a great advantage especially if you’re a beginner.


The daisy-like snowy blanket flower is one of your best choices by far. This brightly colored flower featuring uniquely shaped petals will dazzle your visitors and make you smile each day you step outside to see it.


A more delicate and gentle flower you can choose is the blue flax. This beautifully colored wildflower blooms from spring to summer, and can be very resilient, managing to survive even the harshest of winters.


Blazing star flowers feature a unique, “fuzzy” bloom and gorgeous magenta coloring that will stand out among all your plants. These flowers are not too picky about their soil and weather conditions, and they end up blooming slowly but surely even on hot summer days.


Finally, black-eyed Susan plants are some of the best flowers to grow in the summer, if you want to get quick results with your first garden. These beautiful yellowish wildflowers will grow quickly and in abundance, and you’ll find that it’s very easy to find seeds to plant.  Implement gardening soil and other organic fertilizers from The Richlawn Company wide array of gardening products.