Lawn Mistakes Need Best Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn care is not a very complex or complicated task, but even so, many lawn owners fail to get the vigorous, lush green turf they want because of the lawn care errors they commit. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make with their lawn:

  • Improper mowing height – cutting the grass too short or leaving it too long can be equally harmful. Try to maintain a height of about 2.5 – 3 inches and even if you have fallen behind with mowing, never cut off more than one third of the height in one go, repeating the treatment multiple times until you reach the desired height;
  • Using blunt mower blades – blades that are not sufficiently sharp tear the grass, rather cutting it off and will hurt your lawn;
  • Neglecting soil aeration – compacted soil cannot absorb moisture and nutrients, so aerating the soil in spring and in fall is essential. All you need for the process is a tool with which you can poke holes into the ground at regular distances;
  • Using an improper watering technique – whether you use a sprinkler system or your gardening hose, always water your lawn in the morning, never in the evening. Make sure that you don’t drown your lawn – never let more than 1 inch of water accumulate on the lawn.  Make sure to apply best fertilizer for grass to green it up right away, and stay that way.