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A lot of people believe that fertilizing is done the same way for all plants, grasses, shrubs, trees, herbs and anything else under the sun. This is simply not true, and a lot of gardening experts will tell you that it’s one of the biggest and worst misconceptions about the use of fertilizer.


Each plant has its own life cycle and metabolism. Many plants are very different in the way that they use nutrients, even though they look similar and have a similar biological makeup. Just like not all mammals eat the same kind of food – as some of them are herbivores and others might be carnivores and omnivores – similarly, your plants will prefer potassium-based fertilizer over nitrogen-based products or vice versa.


The cycle of the plant’s growth is also very important. Some crops grow better in the late summer, while others have to be planted as early as possible when the spring comes. Naturally, their use of fertilizer will also be very different, and it will have to be considered along with temperature and weather changes pertaining to the seasons in which their growth is the most accelerated.


You’ll want to study each plant you grow carefully, especially if they aren’t common to your area and they need some additional help in order to grow and thrive properly.  Find the best organic products to help fertilize your entire exterior landscape, see https://therichlawncompany.com/.