What's New Richlawn Company Landscape TrendsTrends are important not only for helping you feel like you keep up with the current world, but also to make your house or commercial property more attractive to the eyes of potential buyers, in case you decide on selling it in the nearer or further future.

Pollinating gardens are increasing in popularity. This refers to gardens which attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds, etc. People are getting ever more interested in establishing this type of gardens, which is extremely useful for the environment, and not only.

Although you may think that you already have bees in your garden, there certainly are many variations of bees. While some bees do not have any preferences, in the sense that they like nectar from mostly any kind of plants, others only consume some specific plants. The purpose of a pollinator garden is to create biodiversity by planting various species.

Another common trend is to garden with local, native plants. The great thing about native plants is that they can easily grow in the area where you live. In other words, they are naturally adapted to their environment. Smart gardens are another trendy option. Thus, people choose plants which do not need a lot of water for survival.  Companies like The Richlawn Company can help in providing quality nourishing products for your landscape success.