EKO Garden Compost

Dealing with dry weather can be quite a challenge, especially for gardeners. But there are always safe solutions at hand for those who do not want to get discouraged even by the hardest conditions.

A good way to deal with Colorado dry weather is to make sure you finish most of your outdoor chores in the first part of the day, when the temperatures are generally bearable. Newly-seeded areas and containers should be watered by hand at least two times per day. Because container plantings can dry in the heat quite easily, it may be a good idea to poke some holes in the container in order to let water circulate properly.

Overhead watering may be yet another great way to make sure your plants remain hydrated in the long run. This way you can keep spider mites at a distance. Tending to your lawn can be yet another good way to help it strive during the hot summer days in this part of the country.

Some other good ways to help your plants deal with excessively dry weather is to renew mulch around the plantings in order to keep soil roots cooler and apply and enrich with a good garden compost. Shading new plants or growing veggies can be another effective way to keep your garden safe in the summer.