Christmas Decoration Richlawn Grass Snowman Lights

Aside from choosing beautiful lights and decorating your front porch, an area that most of your visitors will really love once it’s decorated is your lawn. Christmas lawn decorations can paint a beautiful picture around your home for the holidays and create a decoration “frame” that will make the environment around your house truly magical.


Some of the best decorations you can use are oversized snow globes and Christmas globes, the kind that you would hang on your tree. Depending on the decorations you choose for your house, they can blend in quite beautifully and create an almost mystical atmosphere.


Snowmen and snow animals can also be great as lawn decorations, as they can blend in with white snow and give the impression that you actually built them all out of snow – except, unlike real snow men, your decorations won’t melt, and they can easily and safely be adorned with lights.


You can also get creative and set up frames shaped like animals such as bears, reindeer and wolves, and decorate them with cool lights or glow in the dark elements to make them look more unique. Additionally, large figures of Santa and his sleigh can make your lawn traditionally “Christmassy” and give the kids in your neighborhood something to point and smile at.  Look at for more lawn tips.