Did you know bout grass fertilizer

Despite the fact that, in the case of synthetic fertilizers, you are not advised to use the same products for lawn and gardens, as far as an organic grass fertilizer is concerned, the situation changes completely. But you need to know that grass may require a different type of nutrients than vegetables and fruit typically do, so choosing your organic fertilizer should be done depending on what you need to apply it to.

Apart from organic fertilizers, there are some other good tricks to use in order to get the best out of your lawn or garden. Thus, you can use mulch such as grass clippings. These clippings are rich in nitrogen, which is essential for plants’ growth.

Kitchen scraps are yet some other great examples of materials to successfully use in your garden and on your lawn. Leaves can also make excellent mulch, so instead of raking them away, you should use them as an extra protective layer, especially in your garden and around trees or shrubs.

In short, using the same fertilizing option for your garden and for your lawn certainly is a good idea, if you apply some basic rules and, above all, if you rely on the good advice of the experts.