Fall Fertilizers Can Help Green Things Up In Spring

If you love your dog as well as your lawn, you might be faced with the problem of how to keep both of them happy. Playing with your beloved canine on the lawn might be an important part of your daily routine, but dogs and lawns are not necessarily compatible – the high nitrogen content in their urine might burn the grass, they might dig holes on the grass and your grass can be ruined by too many paws running on it, too. If you want to have a happy dog and a happy lawn, too, make sure to use a really good fall fertilizer to help your lawn flourish come Spring.  Here are some other tips for you:

  • Delimit sensitive areas – try to figure out the type of boundary that works best with your dogs. You can separate the lawn from the area patrolled by your dog with a fence or with an electrical fencing solution or you can create a green barrier with shrubs and bushes;
  • Keep your dog entertained – most dogs start digging around the house when they are bored. Try to spend more time with your four-legged friend and take the dog for walks outside the house to make sure they get enough exercise;
  • Provide your dog with a green area of their own – when you delimit the space where your dog cannot go, make sure you do it in a way that still gives your pet access to some greenness for digging.