Spring Snowfall When To Fertilize Lawn

As winter approaches, people tend to forget about things such as keeping their lawn in good conditions. But the reality is that you still need to take some measures in order to ensure that your lawn will be in tip-top shape next spring.

One good thing to know is that you can continue watering your lawn even in the colder season. Unless, of course, you live in a climate with abundant snow, which should be enough to keep your lawn hydrated in winter. But in case you live in an area with less snow, you should definitely not stop watering your lawn in winter. Although plants go into their normal dormant stage and no longer sprout in winter, the soil still needs to keep its moisture.

The general rule is to apply fertilizer when your grass is in full development, namely when it is growing. Again, this can depend on your local climate. At any rate, you should be familiar with the exact type of grass your lawn has, in order to use the right products.

Thus, there are several types of grass, for each climate area. Cool season grass, for instance, has two peak development periods: one in early spring, and the other in early fall.  Get advice from the professionals on when to fertilize lawn in Denver CO.