compost for plants lawn garden

When there is an imbalance in one’s soil, it is very important to know a few facts regarding the measures which need and should be taken. And knowing the very best practices for using organic fertilizers, compost for plants and lawn or other natural products is an essential part of keeping your garden in a good state, while also making sure you are enjoying the benefits of healthy, nutritious and fresh veggies and fruits straight from your organic garden.

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements defines organic farming as the type of production system which was designed to support not only the good health of soils and ecosystems, but also of people.

Organic farming is based on ecological principles, and recycling is an essential part of it. Therefore, this type of farming uses compost, which is made of plant wastes, as well as organic fertilizers and other natural products which are very efficient in providing plants with the required natural elements for a strong and healthy development, while protecting the good health and safety of people.

When applying natural products to a soil, there are certain details which are to be carefully considered, such as the Ph of the soil, temperature, the micro flora of the compost, etc.