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Exotic plants are, first and foremost, a unique decoration in anyone’s home. The strong colors, the unique textures and their aspect in general provide extra elegance and refinement to any home. In addition to their aesthetic role, some exotic apartment plants can also be fruitful, which means that if you take care of them according to their needs, you may be surprised with some fresh fruits.

Exotic plants need a certain type of soil and an optimal moisture level to grow as well as possible. Of course, each is different, so some prefer a sandy soil, others sticky or acidic soil.

Inside an apartment, exotic apartment plants do not benefit from the nutrient intake of those that grow in their natural environment, so they need a little extra help from you to help them flourish. The solution lies in the use of fertilizers, and the most suitable for exotic plants are the organic types, because you avoid over fertilization that could weaken them and make them vulnerable. Additionally, organic fertilizers don’t risk “burning” your exotic plants like synthetic ones could, and, since they are typically slow-release, these organic solutions from https://therichlawncompany.com/ will last longer, so you won’t need to fertilize less often.