Rich Lawn With Fertilizers

Lawn care consists of a sequence of season-specific activities – here is a break-down of the most important tasks for each season:

  • Lawn care in spring – early spring is the best time to start preparing your gardening tools. Inspect and sharpen you mowing blades, maintain your mower and buy new grass seeds (most lawns need a little fresh power to be able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature has in store during the rest of the year). When the ground has thawed, you should also start cleaning the lawn of thatch and other dead plant components. Fertilization and aeration are also best done in spring;
  • Lawn care in summer – early summer is when grubs appear, so choose a suitable method to get rid of them. When the weather turns hot, the most important tasks are watering and mowing – always water the lawn in the morning, when it is not too hot yet and don’t mow the grass shorter than 3 inches;
  • Lawn care in fall – this is the period when you should start preparing your grass for the winter. Clean the turf, removing dead matter, aerate it and spread compost to fertilize it. Continue watering until the first frost, but reduce the frequency of the watering sessions to match the changing weather conditions and the requirements of grass preparing for dormancy.  Find the best fertilizer available at