Lawn and garden Care Fertilize When HowThe fall marks the end of the gardening season, in general. But there still are some things you can do in order to take care of your garden and to prepare it for the next year, ensuring that you allow your plants to develop in a healthy, ecological environment.

Among the many chores you can do during this time of the year we could mention cleaning up your vegetable garden and preparing it for winter. By doing a little bit of work during this time of the year you can make sure that in spring your garden will start on the right foot, so to say.

For instance, you can aerate the soil for your lawn and your garden, as this can help plants better thrive when their time comes and it is a good way to develop your garden into something more complex and bio-diverse. Find out when to fertilize lawn in Colorado for best results.

Keeping weeds under control is yet another important detail not to miss out when you are in the process of maintaining and growing your landscape and garden. As far as the lawn is concerned, you have to remember that a taller lawn may be a very good idea, because grass can thus better develop its roots.