organic fertilizer good rich lawnNew chemical knowledge and legislation may lead to new approaches in the classification of phosphate fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate and other ingredients. These types of products could be considered as dangerous to humans and also to the environment. Thus, many people who have kids – and not only, because not just children need to be protected! – prefer using organic fertilizers.

A big problem people`s diet nowadays is the nutritional quality of food. We rightly complain that fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals no longer have the same taste, flavor, smell and nutrient content as before. The causes are not only related to the seeds, which are too often genetically modified, but also to the quality of the soil, which, due to intensive cultivation, is poor in the chemical elements necessary for healthy plant growth. We can remedy this defect by natural fertilization of soils and by permaculture, the systematic rotation of crops.

Organic fertilizers are the basis of a non-toxic soil and crops. They must be applied in such a way that the fresh organic matter (unfermented or green manure) will never come in contact with the roots of the plants. Organic materials must be previously either composted or spread on the surface of the soil and then incorporated through shallow digging (5-10 cm) in the soil.

The advantages of using natural fertilizers

  • you protect the soil, the environment, plants and your health
  • you encourage the development of beneficial life forms in the garden
  • you prevent soil erosion
  • you recycle materials
  • you contribute to a good water drainage
  • you stimulate the natural development of plants

Here’s some of the best