Garden EKO CompostNatural compost can be of great help when you’re trying to grow a garden, especially when you’re switching from synthetic to organic gardening, and you want to avoid using any harmful synthetic products as part of your garden compost bin. The issue, however, is that not all organic products make great compost. Even certain types of droppings or manure can be harmful.


To avoid your garden suffering from bad compost, make sure you avoid using the following items and products:


  • Unlike horse, cow and chicken droppings, it’s not a good idea to add dog and cat poop to your composting bin. Since cats and dogs are carnivores, the material will usually contain harmful microorganisms that can damage your crops.
  • Tea bags don’t belong in compost piles due to their synthetic nature. If you want to add sources of tannins, consider using natural tea leaves.
  • Like carnivore droppings, any types of meat and fish scraps are not advisable. They will decompose over time and lead to the same type of problem.
  • Also avoid using sawdust and other byproducts coming from treated wood. Untreated wood can be a good blanket of carbon, but the harmful substances originating from treated wood can do more harm than good.